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The Pros and Cons of Using Teams

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Teams are an integral part of the way businesses operate in today’s society. Before the Industrial Revolution people worked together but teamwork did not become advanced until innovations in our economy were first established. Old fashioned teams consisted of people working together to achieve one common goal but as time moved forward the basic team structure became modernized and alterations were made. From the 19th Century assembly lines that became a major advancement to productivity in warehouses, factories and other businesses, the text states that the use of teams within an organization did not occur until the 1970’s. These teams even then were one dimensional and consisted of a group of people coming together to work on specific tasks and then disbanding after the completion of the task and going back to individual stations to work independently.
Teams come in all dimensions and sizes and have proven over years of research to be more effective and sufficient in overall productivity. The positive aspects of a team are insurmountable and do not only just benefit the business but also the individual person as well. Teams help us to build up the interpersonal skills that we need in order to be able to relate and work with one another. Teams allow us to be more tolerant of people and their differences whether it is cultural, religious, or ethnic. Like any situation where several people are forced to deal with one another there will be times of dissension and conflict but most people agree that the rewards a company receives from the benefit of teams largely outweighs the negative aspects that might be entailed with the given job description.
When a group of people can come together and work to achieve one common goal then it causes productivity in the work place to increase. Most jobs give teams incentives to work…...

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