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The Intergration of Askhr

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The Integration of AskHR
Project Management
April 25, 2013

Table of Contents

Executive Summary
Scope Statement
Work Breakdown Structure
Network Diagram
Risk Management Plan
Resource Management Plan
Communication Management Plan

Executive Summary
Several years ago we signed a contract with an outside vendor to handle our HR calls; this company was mostly there to assist during open enrollment and to answer the questions of colleagues as it pertained to their Benefits through our corporation. We set high expectations, however, shortly after the launch we started experiencing longer than usual hold times, and the miscommunication of accurate information began to increase. We received tons of unsatisfactory emails and calls from disgruntle colleagues pleading for an alternative to calling the “solution center.” While we really wanted the experience to be pleasurable, it was extremely difficult to change the already tarnished reputation the vendor had established with our colleagues. After a year and a half of negative feedback we decided to sever ties with the vendor, and the search for alternatives began.
After several meetings with the Senior Leadership Team it was determined that providing the type of relatable service that expressed care and concern could only be provided by colleagues of our corporation who understood how Benefits are administered. It was later decided that we would bring our service center in-house and staff the department with HR certified colleagues.
Scope Statement
The scope of this project is to integrate our now outsourced “solution center” and bring the department in house. This was not an overnight solution and we know that we are embarking on a major project that will revolutionize the way our colleagues interact with Human Resources. This totally new service center will take calls, live…...

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