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What have scholars debated about, regarding his novels? Scholars have debated true greatness of these popular novels.

“Tolkien creates out of the void a complete and fully-realized world. He weaves his spell around us, suspends all disbelief, and gives us our own modern day adventure and discovery quest.”
The Hobbit:

Date of first publication? It was published in 1937, and it remains Tolkiens' first published book and the one of the best books of the 20th century.

What sentence has become one of the most recognizable in English literature?
“In a hole in the ground there lived a hobbit.”

What knowledge did Tolkien draw from to write The Hobbit’s characters and plot? ancient mythology, primarily northern (Norse) mythology.


Why did Tolkien first begin writing his imagined world?


“Tolkien’s Middle-earth is a fully-formed world with its own _______________, ______________, ________________, ‘_____________’, a _______________ story, a Fall, grief, joy, and all of those many things that our own world has.”

Middle-Earth: Tolkien and Language

Which languages did Tolkien have an affinity for? ______________________________

Tolkien created _______ languages for Middle-earth’s various races, and in many respects these languages predate the stories themselves.

The Elven languages are loosely based on ___________________ and _____________.

Middle-earth: Tolkien and Mythology
“Tolkien brought this love and knowledge of mythology to bear on his fiction as well. It is most directly apparent in The Hobbit, where many of the names and events can be traced in some form to mythology, particularly the _____________ myth cycle known as __________________. Indeed, the names of many of the dwarves, and even the name of ___________himself, appears at one point or another in The Elder Edda.”
Date of Tolkien’s birth? _______________

Where was Tolkien a junior editor? ________________________

“During the mid-1930s he wrote a story to read to his _____________, drawing on his extensive knowledge of _____________ and ________________, as well as his own created mythology, he created the story that would later become known as ___________________.”

What did Tolkien mean when he said, “this tale grew in the telling”?


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