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The Eureka Phenomenon

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The Eureka Phenomenon uses examples throughout the story to support a certain way of dealing with a problem. The problem was when you get stuck trying to figure something out, how to get yourself back on track. Well, one of the examples used to figure out that situation was one about a king thinking that he got screwed over on the amount of gold used on his crown. The story supported the original problem, but equations were then brought into the story later on. These equations seemed to play no important role in the story in my opinion. The story talks about molecules and atoms, but I do not see the point in doing so. I believe this was just meant to make the story seem more important than what it truly is. By adding in the equation to the story, it cause confusion and makes it boring. I don’t see how using these equations help to prove the problem at the beginning of the story. The equations just seem to be added in for no reason and get the whole story off topic. The equations are just plain confusing. I may not be the best at science, but I am not the worst either, and I still don’t understand these equations. I have read over them all more than twice, and I am hopeless when it comes to trying to understand them. The story does attempt to explain the equations, but not to the level in which anyone reading the story could understand. All of the examples that have been told throughout the story, all had to do with science and equations, but why? The reason why this story was written doesn’t have to have anything to do with science. I believe that this piece would have more meaning to the reader if it would deal with everyday stuff compared to science and stuff from back in the 250 B.C. or the 1760s. A situation such as doing a critical thinking question or trying to write an essay paper over something you have to think of on your own. This…...

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