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The Effect of Computer Gaming to the Highschool Students

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Lord Reigns Christian Academy

“Academic Factors affecting the RLE Performance of selected 4th Year Nursing Students of University of La Sallete”

Submitted by: Jerry Lemuel C. Lawagan Submitted To Jonaed C. Ambulan Second Year Ephesians English Teacher

Submitted On: March 6, 2013


This study examined and identified the academic factor that affects the RLE performance of the nursing students for school year 2012-2013. It also explored and correlated those variables to the academic factors that affect it. A questionnaire on what type of academic factors and how it affects their performance during hospital duty hours were given to the 50, 4rth nursing students as the respondents. Additionally, a photocopied grade given by their clinical instructors and coordinators were also collected to serve as our data. The result showed that there’s a significant relationship between the academic factor and the RLE performance of the students. There was also a significant difference between the performance of the students during their Lecture class hours and during their hospital duty hours.
The increasing demand of nurses all over the world greatly affects the decisions of the people. Though the news about the nurse’s jobs is getting scarce, they still take the nursing course. In addition, in order to become competitive among the millions of nursing students, one must start it in school through studying hard and retaining information. Bean and Meltzer (1985) describe academic factors as student’s primary involvement with the academic process at the college and purports that among non-traditional student’s academic factors are less important than environmental factors in…...

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