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The Demise of Aurthur Anderson

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The company which was once a leader of the market, in part based on their high ethical principles and the integrity experienced conflicts in the services they sell. As the conditions of the market have changed, which included the emergence of information technologies and a boom in mergers and acquisitions, Anderson began to see the conflict between its audit and consultation partners. Anderson and Company has sold the audit and consulting services. Problems can occur to the extent that the society of the audits themselves are required to pay a tax auditors who could challenge the auditors suggestions and recommendations in the fear of losing the consulting company. The other problem arises when the accounting firms provide consulting services to companies' they audit. To eliminate conflicts of interests and respond to their fiduciary responsibilities, the auditors must preserve their independence compared to the companies that they control. If Anderson would have been able to maintain a high standard when it was of conflicts of interest and then it would also reflect to the auditors and consultation partners. The idea behind the maintenance of a high level of responsibility when it comes to ethics is to make the good things and go much further than to cut corners in doing things contrary to the ethics. As the division of services of consultation has begun to be the superior service sold to Anderson and Co, employees of audit services only sold to the origin were now called to sell consultation services to other clients, which was a role that many accounts found uncomfortable. They found that it was a conflict of interests which have focused on more voltage because they were also up to sell to their customers. In order to remain impartial the accounting firm must give an honest opinion when it comes to the financial statements of their clients. They also need to maintain a professional relationship.

Brown Ken,(2002). “Arthur Andersen's Fall From Grace Is a Sad Tale of Greed and Miscues”.The wall street journal. (2016). Retrieved from…...

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