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The Characteristics of Good Efficient Leader Politics Essay

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The Characteristics Of Good Efficient Leader Politics Essay

Characteristics of good and efficient leader. As a leader that is the type of responsibilities that not easy to handle. In the society a person having potential, confident determination enough knowledge to take the responsibility as a leader. Now i am going to explain for what i research and learn about leader with my references. The obligation duties and responsibilities as being leader. Whether in private or public activities in individual. A good leader knows when to lead and when to follow. a leader when chosen the peoples who chose is expecting that the person the have is can accomplish the tasks and duties as stated on him or her being a leader is not only served for a man to manage and handle whoever women can be a leader also. Like the history of a women leader in the Philippines that included to this portion. Anticipate
As a leader, is the One of the extraordinary characteristics by individuals admitting his/ her weaknesses and failure such of that leader said by each leader the characteristics reveal respective leader's readiness to believe in high standard accomplishment of mission achievement success and activity, improvement that earns him/her praise, appreciation and approbation or support in the future from all walks of his or her life.

Visionary they develop and deploy new products quickly and can fast without all the process that A leader is a type of person that has a good brain and dare to ask question and straight forward the most important trait of a leader is they are vision that they can take a team and bring them up with the leader knowledge in the society. Furthermore, a leader visionary believes that really can manage a team or organization and to organised peoples very well. You can see the differences how leader can be perform as well. You can see around the world in…...

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