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The Case of the Mexican Crazy Quilt

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Which of the following is suitable for copyrighting?
A) buildings
B) business methods
C) musical compositions
D) product logos
E) The NIKE sign Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | C |

Utility patents for inventions are valid for 20 years.
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | True |

A ________ is a patent that protects the functionality of a patent.
A) utility patent
B) method patent
C) design patent
D) process patent
E) Shark Tank Patent Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | A |

A competitor can lawfully discover a trade secret by performing reverse engineering
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | True |

A patent in the public domain can be purchased by a non-patent holder
A) True
B) False Points Earned: | 2.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | False |

) A ________ is a product formula, pattern, design, compilation of data, customer list, or other covert business information
A) copyright
B) trade secret
C) trademark
D) patent
E) All of the above Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | B |

What federal statute was enacted by the Congress to protect trade secrets?
A) Sarbanes-Oxley Act
B) Lanham Act
C) Telecommunication Act
D) Economic Espionage Act
E) None of the above Points Earned: | 0.0/2.0 | | Correct Answer(s): | D |

According to the public use doctrine for patents, ________.
A) the inventor has to test his invention in the public domain, to measure its validity, before being granted a patent
B) an invention cannot be used in the public domain prior to it being granted a patent
C) a patent will not be granted if the invention was already in public use for one year before filing application
D) the invention will come into the public domainin 6 months
E) the…...

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