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The Benefits of Cad in Architectural Graphic Communication

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The Benefits of CAD in Architectural Graphic Communication

In the process of Architectural Graphic Communication, Computer-Aided Drafting, or CAD, has become a vital tool. Architects can use can for a multitude of different task, including but not limited to, site plan drawings, floor plans, and elevation views. My understanding CAD and how it operates, Architects are able to create and edit their creations at the click of a button. By using a CAD program, an architect is able to create faster and more accurate drawings. Because of the quickness of creating the drawing, revisions can be made just as quickly and efficiently. Architects have a quick and demanding job and the ability to create drawings quickly and accurately will allow an architect to better manage their time. Using a CAD program can help lower product development costs. Using a CAD program, such as AutoCAD, can help eliminate time-consuming repetitive work and ensure proper adherence to drafting standards. The creation and customization of AutoCAD allows the maintenance of a database that can contain every element in a drawing. Different types of information can be attached to the objects in the drawing. For example, if designing an office with a desk, and it is a desk that has been used in a previous drawing, or design, the architect can easily access that piece of furniture that has already been created to the new piece of work they are working on. This especially comes in handy when working on office buildings or schools, where many rooms, or floor, have many of the same features and layout. There are some software companies out there that allow for companies to customize the program to fit their needs. This is highly beneficial and efficient for the architecture company, as it will allow them to reduce the items they do night need and improve the areas of the CAD program that they use the most. An example of this would be a company that designs restaurants would want to have more details and specifics for creating the most efficient kitchen/cooking space, but a company that creates small homes or apartments will not need such advanced kitchen/equipment information. Another tool that can be used in some CAD programs is the ability to make the object you are creating appear in 3d. When designing buildings, this can help allow an architect to make sure all walls, doors, windows, or extra added benefits are in the proper location and oriented in such a way, all space is accessible to the buyer. This would help most with a company designing residential places, where generally, you are working in a smaller area and trying to maximize square footage. Line layering is a tool/process used in many CAD programs that allow for each area of a design to be created at a different width, look, or even color. In architecture drawings, this can help distinguish between outer and inner walls, door and windows, are even different rooms. Layering can also be sued to set up electrical and plumbing information. By having a different layer for each item, it allows for certain layers to be turned off to make the drawing les clutter. Or, by turning all the layers on, you can see all aspects of the design on the same page. CAD programs provide many benefits to Architectural Graphic Communication. It can allow for easier and more efficient creation of drawings. CAD can also assist in the organization of drawing when being plotted for presentation. By customizing a CAD program, a company can make use of those features it uses the most. While there are many more possibilities available for the benefits of CAD, these are ones that can be viewed as the most important.
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