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The Aroma of Popcorn

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Chaos theory is such an appropriate practice. The beauty of it is such that probably the only way to appreciate is to, remarkably, understand it in practice itself. I realized this during a walk I had a few days earlier, it was just one of my normal walks. I’ve grown accustomed to them, I’m normally not a very social person although the main reason attributed to this would be the fact that no one calls me for any outings. In any case I was making my way back, having walked to the end of the park, while I returned I happened to pass by a shop selling popcorn, I generally don’t enjoy the cuisine, the only exception being the caramel flavor. As I passed by it I was met by its aroma which instantly brought my mind to chaos theory. Mind you the instant I mention refers to real time, if you were to have been beside me at that moment you would think my thoughts went straight to the chaos theory yet that was not the case. The human mind is fascinating; having possession of one I am constantly amazed at the speeds at which we can process things. The beauty of it all is that it only takes an instant to think so much, if you ponder over this idea, it would lead to the realization that in essence you’re actually saving so much time in thinking all this.
The final thought of chaos theory being discussed firsthand, the rest of my thoughts will sound like a prequel or rather an interquel now. It is proven that scent is a memory trigger, you don’t need a specialist to tell you that though, I’ve known it since I was a child when the mere smell of salt would send my mind back to the beach and I would run over to my parents asking them to take me there again. This time as the aroma of popcorn reached me I was sent, not to the beach, but to the cinema. A lot of cinema goers will understand why. As I mentioned before the only exception to my dislike of popcorn is the caramel flavor and…...

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