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The Army Crew Team

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The Army Crew Team

Background of the case, there are two Boats teams which are the Varsity team and

Junior Varsity team. The difference between two teams are team members, coach P.

selected top members with stronger body and condition, boating technique, and

psychological dimension as the Varsity team, on the contrast, the members in the JV

team are not as excellent as top eight members. But, the performance of Varity team

is even worse than JV team, the Varity team also keeps losing the JV. After careful

consideration, coach P. decided to rearrange a new team or other ways to solve the

In this case, we may simply make the statement that the result doesn’t equal to the

sum of the ability of each team members. As far as I’m concerned, the boat can been

interpreted as a project, meanwhile, everyone in the team is the operator who do

this project. There are eight rowers in boat. Everyone has their own different

advantages and shortcomings. For example, 3th and 4th seats of the boat act the

Engine Room, maybe they don’t need as excellent strength as 5th and 6th seats, but

better technique is essential for them. Back to this case, perhaps the top members

have better strength, more skillful technique and better thought. They may have

worse coordination compared with Junior Varity team, when putting them together.

The benefits of synergy may be zero or even negative. That’s the key point why JV

team has better performance and racing results than V team. Also, we often say that

communication is so important in a team and communication can promote the

cooperation of teams and improve the relationship between teammates. Varsity

team in the case rarely talked with each other to consider why they failed, to the

contrary, JV team always discuss together to enhance team chemistry and share…...

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