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The photo essay story I want to analysis is named Missao and Fukumaru. The author is a Japanese photographer called Miyoko Ihara. Here is the link. Firstly, I want to introduce some basic things about the photo essay. The story mainly happened in the photographer’s grandmother, Missao’s farm. There are different kinds of vegetables and fruits in the setting, which make the photos colorful. The main characters of the photo essay are the photographer’s grandmother, Missao, and Missao’s cat, Fukumaru. They live in the farm and are the best friend of each other. I think the biggest conflict is that Missao is old. There are deep winkles on her face. But the cat, Fukumaru is small and cute. Besides, Missao is a person and Fukumaru is a cat. So it is amazing that they are good friends. These conflicts make the friendship between them more valuable and make the photo essay more attractive. There is no sequence of events. All the photos are about the daily life of Missao and Fukumaru. They do a lot of ordinary but touching things together in Missao’s farm. They respect each other, building a friendship beyond the ethnicity. Then I want to talk about the technical skills applied in this photo essay. First, most photos have a good composition. The photographer put Missao and Fukumaru in the middle of the photo so that I can easily tell the main characters. Some of the photos are colored. The plants in the farm make the photos colorful. Some of the photos are black and white, which makes the photos mysterious. Besides, the light is good so all the subjects in the photo essay are clear to see. There are obvious tonal variations in the colored photo. There are also subtle gradations even in the black and white photos. So the good tonality makes the photo show the settings and characters perfectly. The photographer put the photos in a time order. She recorded the daily life of Missao and Fukumaru as time goes by. I think this chosen order can show the ordinary life of Missao and Fukumaru and can be more touching. There is a good juxtaposition for Missao’s hands. The photographer focuses Missao’s hands in different ways. In some photos I can just see Missao doing farm work or playing with Fukumaru. But in some other photos with the close shoot of Missao’s hands, it is clear to see that Missao is so old and she has done so much farm work. This juxtaposition shocks me a little and really makes me respect Missao. So the juxtaposition is effective. There are some narrations in the photo essay. These narrations help describe the story and make it clear. But I think the photos are strong enough to show the theme so the narration is not necessary. There is no music. But I feel it would be better if the author can add a light music. This story touches me deeply because it reminds me of my dog. The friendship between people and animals are valuable and touching, especially for a lonely old lady and a cat. It is very moving when Missao says “we will never be apart” in the narration. For the elements I analyze above, I think the main characters mean the most to me. All the technical skills are just applied to tell the story. But the main characters create the touching story.…...

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