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Financial Services Q1. The Hypothetical Finance Ltd has structured a hire-purchase deal. The required to make a down payment of 20 per cent of the investment cost. The hire-term is four years with quarterly payment in advance. The flat rate of interest is 13 per cent. The finance company would charge a frontended documentation and service fee and allow rebate for prompt payment @ 0.5 per cent and 1 per cent of investment outlay respectively. Assuming after paying 24th installment, a hirer wishes the purchase option, what is the interest rebate according to (i) actuarial method, (ii) rule of 78 method and, (iii) SLM? Computer Fundamentals Caselet 1 Over the past two years Linux has spread like wildfire through corporate data centers. Companies once dependent on expensive proprietary systems from Sun, IBM, or HewlettPackard have replaced them with dirt-cheap Dell or no-name servers that are Intel powered and loaded with the Linux operating system. Linux now runs almost 15 percent of all servers and is growing at about 23 percent a year. And even mainframe systems have joined in, with IBM estimating that over 10 percent of its mainframe sales are for running Linux applications.Though PC users haven’t switched to Linux – less than 1 percent of all computers run Linux – a 2002 survey by CIO magazine found that almost 30 percent of chief technologists were considering moving their companies’ PCs to a Linux PC operating system like Lindows. Wal-Mart, which began selling Lindows-ready PCs on its website in September 2002, had such success with that offering that by Christmas it was having trouble meeting demand. Almost every major PC electronics maker, from HP in printers to Epson in scanners, is making sure it has Linux-compatible offerings. And Sun has poured millions of dollars into its Star Office software suite, which gives Linux users programs that work like – and more…...

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