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Application Deadline is Friday, February 19, 2016

APSCUF, the faculty and coaches union at Shippensburg, wants to recognize students who have excelled while attending the University. Toward this end, APSCUF has dedicated funds for four annual student awards, one for each College of the University and one to be given as a Coaches Award.

The awards are named for four former APSCUF-SU Executive Committee officers who made major contributions to the leadership of the faculty union during their time at Shippensburg:

* The Dr. Robert Winter APSCUF-SU College of Arts and Sciences Student Award ($500) * The Dr. William Knerr APSCUF-SU John L. Grove College of Business Student Award ($500) * The Dr. Sally McGrath APSCUF-SU College of Education and Human Services Student Award ($500) * The Jane Goss APSCUF-SU Coaches Award ($500)

Applications will be reviewed based on the following criteria: * Grade point average of 3.3 or above * Junior or senior status - 60 credits or more * Quality of brief essay Letter of recommendation from a current tenured or tenure track faculty member Other contributions to the University or community, such as: * Leadership positions in campus or community organizations * Volunteerism on campus and in the community

Any junior or senior interested can go on line at, then click on chapters and SU or pick up an application outside the APSCUF Office in Wright Hall 103.

**Please note that if you are eligible to apply as a student-athlete and within your college, please do so, but understand that you can only win ONE award.

Deadline for application submission is 3:00 PM, Friday, February 19, 2016. Previous winners are not eligible to reapply.

One copy of both the application and materials must be turned in to the APSCUF office, Wright Hall 103. Any student wishing to apply who has questions may contact the APSCUF office at 477-1791.

Application for APSCUF-SU Student Award 2015-16
(Please submit application to the APSCUF office in Wright Hall 103)
DEADLINE – Friday, February 19, 2016 at 3:00 PM

Name ________________________ SU ID #______________________________

Local Address _______________________________________________

Local phone number _____________ Ship email address_______________________

(Check the appropriate boxes below)
I am a major in the College of:

Arts and Sciences ______ Business _______ Education/Human Services ______

I am applying for:

Coaches Award _____

I am a:
Junior ________ Senior ________

The following items must be attached to this application: 1. A current (Spring 2016) unofficial transcript (3.3 GPA required and 60 or more credits earned (required) 2. Letter of recommendation from a tenured or tenure-track Faculty member or Coach member. 3. A short essay (no more than 250 words- typed) on how Shippensburg University faculty/coach members have influenced the quality of your college experience. 4. Applicant will supply one copy of the original application and materials. The application will then be scanned and sent electronically to the APSCUF –SU Student Affairs Committee for review.

Please list your leadership and volunteer activities on campus and in the community since you have been at Shippensburg. (use the back if needed)

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