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My name is Diana Snyder, I am a Graduate Student at the Keller University School of Management with emphasis in Human Resources Management. Because of the slow economy management want to institute telecommuting and my presentation will focus on the advantages and disadvantages of telecommuting
All of us some time or another have had the desire to stay at home and work. I would like to know who would be interested in staying home and working in order to save. I know I would love that because at home has advantages like spending time with my family and being my own boss. Furthermore, this is advantageous for the employer as it can boost the company’s productivity. By the end of his presentation you will know all the reasons an employer should initiate the program or if an employee would want to take part in it.
Now let us discuss what telecommuting is. Telecommuting is an arrangement that is made between employers and employees to perform their job duties outside of the office. For example, an employee can choose to work from their homes or some other business center.
Employees who wish to telecommute do it mostly because of their career, or for personal or financial reasons. Example include parents who wish to spend more time at home with their children and people with financial problem who want to save on the high prices of gasoline.
PARENTS (Mothers) would not have to pay for child care
Single People (Single Women) Who get divorce can move and know that they can keep their jobs.
Employees with disability can work from home and will not have to go into the office instead can stay and work which will be more comforting for them.

V. Situation
This situation here is telecommuting seems to be convenient for parents who want to spend more time at home with their children, and because of the slow economy want to save money; and also with the high price of gasoline and the wear and tear on vehicle with the long commute to and from work. Another situation is that telecommuting provides accommodations employees with disabilities which will have to be covered by the American Disability Act (ADA)
The issue here is, will this be advantageous to the employer if they are not able to monitor employees’ time worked to avoid overtime, other wages and hourly problems. Therefore, the employer will have to develop policies with regards to monitoring employees when considering an employee’s request to telecommute.
My proposal is that the company establish formal policies and procedures, including a detailed explanation of the expectation with regards to employees performance standards. There must be provisions in place for upholding the performance standards and a system accountability that will enable an employee to apply to the human resources office for request to telecommute if they see the need to. The company can also allow supervisors to do spot checks on the employees or allow employees to work at home two or three day a week and the balance 2 days work from the office. VII. Solution
This policy will enable employees the opportunity to apply if they see the need to.
VIII. Disadvantages For Employees
Feeling of Isolation and loneliness
When an employee is telecommuting it is like he/she is out of sight. You find out that co-worker that you were closely associated with do not even bother to call you and you are always the one who have to make the extra effort to keep in close contact with them. You are not informed of any decisions that will affect your work. Generally, you miss out of the office gossip.
With the troubled economy, three or four employed parents say they do not have enough time with their children therefore, avoiding long commutes will help an employee save on gasoline and on the wear and tear of their vehicles.
Employees are also less stressed out when they do not have to take those long commutes, which gives them greater balance with work and life and eases the strain on their pocket books.
Opportunity for sharing quality time with family, promoting family values and developing stronger family ties.
Employees can work part time or full time which allows for more comfort and convenience. Which often enables an employee to keep his/her day job and add on a second job. X. Advantages for Employer
Energy Conservation.
The company will save on heating, cooling and lighting. The lesser employees that are in the building the lesser the energy consumption will be. By telecommuting to work instead of using the traditional methods, companies have a great potential to save energy.
Three major areas where energy can be conserved are:
Vehicle-related material and resources
Highway-related material and resources and
Office-related material and resources
Happier employees promotes greater productivity
Telecommuting enhances productivity. Instead of wasting time and energy going to and from work; an employee can have more time to do their work from home and avoid being interrupted constantly with traditional office setting.

Employers can give their employees the option of working from home between 3 to 5 days a week causing them to be able to save. For example, Deloitt LLP offers most of its 45,000 employees the option of telecommuting as many as 5 days a week and has done so for 15 years. Therefore, when it came to renewing their lease, the consulting firm was able to reduce office space and energy cost by 30 percent and was able to save $30 million dollars in 2008 after redesigning facilities to accommodate mobile workers who did not need permanent desks.
XI. Disadvantages for the Employer Telecommuting sometimes hinders productivity
The lack of a formal work environment can be a problem. The employee may not be able to set up a formal work environment meaning that they may not have the ability to set up and office that can be closed off or separate from the rest of the house.
Effective Monitoring an accessing employee performance
If an employees is paid on an hourly basis, how can an employer be sure that they actually work all the hours they claim t have worked. Even if employees are paid a weekly salary, can the employer be sure that they ar putting in a full week’s work of time?
Effective communications with employees through emails and telephone
Employers will not be able to effectively communicate with their employees through emails and telephones.
XII. Conclusion
In concluding, I would say that telecommuting has key advantage and disadvantages in the process for both employer and employee. The disadvantages can sometime outweigh the advantages. But all in all for both employer and employees we can look at telecommuting as something that can be a benefit for everybody involved`.
Thank you for your time and I hope that this presentation has helped both employer and employee in making a decision. The floor is now opened for any questions or concerns.

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