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Technology Ventures - from Idea to Execution

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Technology Ventures – from idea to execution
November 2014 Assignment 1

Due Date: December 18th 2014
Students should team up in groups of 3 or 4; each group shall select one of the portfolio startups of thetime – a technology incubator. (


Although you are teamed in groups this first assignment is individual, each student should submit his/her own report (Your next assignments will be team assignments).


Preferred Language: English Submission Format: • Word File, File name format: _ 11 or 12 point font, 1.5 line space, not longer than 15 pages. • Submit digitally via Moodle.

Assignment Description

Part I

Create a report which reviews the business of the selected startup and the context in which it operates. This report should be based on available public information.

The report should include at least the following elements: • • • The Business Concept Summary The Competitive Landscape & Context A Description of the company and its Business Model, utilizing the 9 building blocks discussed in class. • SWOT style analysis .

The Business Concept Summary should be concise, not longer than one page, may be shorter. Make sure it covers a synopsis of the company’s business. Summary should cover the following elements (as applicable to your company): Market / Problem / Need, Customer, Solution / Product, Uniqueness / Value, Revenue source / How the company expects to make money. In the Competition and Landscape section, make sure you describe major competitors and specific market attribute. In the business model and competition sections you should make sure you relate to customer pain, customer identification & segments, solution fit, product /services pricing, sales channels, differentiation etc.

Where applicable, when describing the company use the terminology we used in class, identify the relevant forces and concepts which relate to this company (type of market, network forces, externalities etc….)

Please note that you are NOT expected to include or describe corporate financial information such as aggregate sales projections, revenue etc; however, the report should include reference to the sales model and pricing when available.

Part II – Additional Analysis & Opinion:

Do you think the startup has identified an interesting problem/opportunity? Elaborate! (relate to concepts used in class)

Describe the Company founders / Executives and their fit with the venture? If you were an investor would you invest in this Team? Why?

What metrics would you recommend that the startup track in order to monitor its progress?

What in your mind is the most critical factor that affects [or will affect] this company’s success.

Do you think they will succeed? Why?

Make sure you justify your statements, provide references if applicable.…...

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