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Tcm in Cesena

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1. Name of the city – Cesena; population – around 92000

2. Identify the city specialization before changes in the city management were introduced
Cesena is situated in the Emilia-Romagna region of Italy that is one of the most developed tourist areas in the country with a good variety of night entertainment, beach resorts and theme parks. Moreover, Cesena is rich in art, history and heritage. So we can say that the city specialization is – tourism. 3. What were the main problems in city development that required changes in TCM?
The growing trend of customers who preferred visiting large out-of-town shopping malls and other cities located near Cesena instead of retail businesses in the city centre.
4. What changes in the city management were about? First of all, there were a few changes made about: insufficient parking, mobility problems and evening economy. But difficulties with mobility and insufficient parking were minimised through a scheme, which allows members of the scheme to offer free parking tickets to their customers in underground parks situated just outside the pedestrian zone. The slogan was: “Shop in Cesena and park for free”. As for the mobile and evening economy issues, they were addressed through a free shuttle available all night. Secondly, in order to support art and culture, the TCM scheme’s member shops regularly offered free tickets for museums and host art/photography exhibitions inside their own retail outlets.
And finally, other events included tournaments, child entertainments and prize competitions for customers.
5. Scheme of TCM used: formal or informal
Informal. This “informal cooperation” is all about city stakeholders successfully cooperating with each other. Moreover, membership fees are not compulsory. However, businesses that sign up officially to the scheme as members all pay them.
6. Funding required for…...

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