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Taoism is also written my multiple people over time based on the key Taoist ideas. Many people are surprised that there are gods in the Taoism religion. The gods that are worshipped by Taoists are different from the gods of other religions. There is no almighty omnipotent person that controls and created the world. The Yu-huang also known as The Jade Emperor is the great high god of the Taoists. All other gods must report to him. The Jade Emperors main job is to distribute justice, which he is able to do through the court system of hell where evil is punished. The Many gods that are represented in Taoism are borrowed from other religions. Taoists also have many practices that they take part in. One of which is called the Talismans. In Taoist tradition talismans are strips of paper that have words of power and religious symbols which focus spiritual energies to purify, heal the sick and drive away demons. Another practice they take part in is Recitation. Reciting passages from the Tao Te Ching and Chuang-tzu has been a spiritual practice for over 2000 years. Recitation was an expression of devotion and way to grow spiritually. Taoism is a very interesting religion because it is structured entirely different from most religions. Even though Taoism is an accumulation of all sorts of other religions Taoism is still seen as a religion of itself. Even though Taoism is not a common religion, it is still seen all over the world. ......

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Teaching Strategies and illustrator’s name on the board. The student should tell why they have choose this book to read, The student has to tell us about three important things that they have learned or really liked in the book. They need to tell the class why they would or would not recommend this book to their friends to read. The kids can even create a talisman; they would have to create a meaningful talisman that has to do with the character of choice. There are three different steps to creating the best talisman ever. Here are a few questions the children can answer or and also make some up of their own, the longer the better. 1.) The child must select a character that intrigues him/her; the child must explain what this character is like, what motivates him or her. Is there any type of object that reminds you of this character? 2.) Think of the heritage that this character might be, did they do any different roles or rituals that made you pick that culture for that character. 3.) The talisman might be a concrete object or the child could design their own abstract of one. The child must give insight of the nature for which the character is. A talisman is very symbolic the child has the choice to expand their horizons. I picked this because it is not writing a book report but it is taking one main object out the book and telling different things about it. I think all these are very good strategies to have kids reading on and on. Reading not only enhances your ability to read but it......

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Inupiaq Religious Belives the central religious figure in traditional Inuit culture. He also could see and communicate with the spirits. He also has control over the spirits. He did this trough the power of talismans and amulets. Another believed of the Inupiaq community, but also another method of controlling and protecting against spirits/souls, mostly done by women is the tatto.Inupiaq people believed that the indelible mark served as both a protective shield and a sacrifice to the supernatural. The method of tattooing was: to pass a needle under the skin, and as soon as it was withdrawn, its course was followed by a thin piece of material that had been dipped in oil and rubbed in soot. There was a very special kind of spirits/souls are the Tuurngait. These are special spirits that they thought that by nature were unconnected to physical bodies. Some of these spirits can be helpful spirits that could be called upon in times of need. Others were evil and monstrous, responsible for bad hunts and broken tools. Some of the tuurngait can be so powerful that they could posses’ humans. A good shaman(Angakkuq) with good intentions could use them to heal sickness, and find animals to hunt and feed the community. He or she could fight or exorcise bad tuurngait using the power of talismans and amulets. In the community they have what we can call everyday spirits and souls. Some of the most common ones are: • Qailertetang- weather spirit, guardian......

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