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Every company like Gatorade have some strategies like product strategy, pricing strategy, marketing strategy, operational and financial strategy. When the strategy is fully formulated then the company or organization choose the tactics .tactics are actually help to achieve the company’s strategic goals. In the other words we can say that tactics are actions that are taken to support the business strategies. Most of the business consider the above mention strategies and tactics to achieve strategic goals.
In the marketing strategy Gatorade Company will combine all the goals and secure them for maintain the market position of sports beverages. According to smith (1956) marketing strategy needs to mention the market segmentation and product differentiation. The purpose of the marketing plan of Gatorade is to communicate with the specific or target customer. The target market of the Gatorade Company including active athletes and sports players between the ages of 18 to 24 years from all social classes. And they all need before, during, and after performance thirst reducing and energy providing drinks. This marketing manners will help the Gatorade to present their distinct identity and also will help to make the strong bonding of customers and product, and customer will loyal to Gatorade.
Gatorade’s creative strategy reveals the use of different background music and locations, celebrity endorsements, with motivational and emotional appeal for the customers. The television advertisement of Gatorade are related to the athletes and sports players. The main purpose is to access the maximum number of the targeted group. The Gatorade’s website play an important role in delivering detail about the product and difference of the product to the other product.
Gatorade’s media strategy highlight the importance of different media sources. Television is used to…...

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