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A Report on
Customer Attitude Towards M‐Commerce in B2B
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Ms. Priya S
Senior HR
Bangalore, Karnataka
Prepared by
PGDM 2014‐16
IIM Rohtak

I would like to express my heartfelt gratitude to all the employees of Mydeals247, who constantly made me feel at home, even though my training span was for only two months. I would also like to profusely thank all the members of the Business
Develpoment Team for being kind enough to answer my queries whenever I approached them. I would like to specially extend my thankfulness to Mr. Venu G.
Somineni for motivating us constantly during these two mots of internship. I would like to thank Mr. Panchseheel and Mr. Rafique for taking pains in helping me grasp the existing work processes and at the same time making the environment cheerful to learn in. I would also like to particularly mention Mr. Aneef and Ms. Anjali for being kind enough to always offer a helping hand and a cheerful smile. Last, but far from least, I would like to profusely thank Ms. Priya S, for offering his constant guidance and motivation which helped me complete this internship programme with a gain in knowledge and experience and in a timely manner.

E‐ Commerce Industry in India
Trends in B2B eCommerce
Concerned Challenges
Company Profile
Buyer and Seller Deal
Objective Of The Study
Scope Of The Study
Mydeals247 Mobile Application
Approach To The Problem
Introduction 1
Approach to the problem
 RQ/Hypothesis/conceptual framework
Research Design
 Nature/design of research
 Data and Data collection tools
 Population and Sample
Data Analysis, Results and Discussion
 Statistical analysis techniques
 Results R
Limitations and Caveats


E‐ Commerce Industry in India
India is a country with booming economy, rapid growth of internet penetration, and a market of 1.2 billion. It’s also a place where consumers have a lot to gain from not going to the stores. A shopping trip can mean being packed into trains like sardines, navigating streets jammed with stalls and cow herds, or haggling with aggressive rickshaw drivers. The city centers are chaotic, and the contents of a shopping list are distributed over dozens of different stores or street stands. It seemed the perfect place to build a robust online economy. Current study shows that India will have 450
Mn smart phone users and close to 100 Mn 3G users by 2015. But we are still struggling with Infrastructure and bandwidth (High speed Internet).
Electronic commerce, commonly known as e‐commerce or eCommerce, is trading in products or services using computer networks, such as the Internet. eCommerce consists of three major categories
1. Business to Business (B2B) eCommerce: is growing at a rate of 30% per year without any fanfare.
2. Business to Consumer (B2C) eCommerce: is far behind B2B, but is growing at a rate of 60% per year and expected to catch up with B2B Commerce by 2015.
3. Consumer to Consumer (C2C) eCommerce: is still in a nascent stage, probably because of lack of trust among both buyers and sellers.
B2B eCommerce is on the rise and shifting at break‐neck speed. In the past, B2B companies relied on offline resources to drive sales efforts and influence buyer behaviour. Today, B2B customers are more tech savvy, using multiple digital channels to research and purchase. As buyer demographics shift, this trend will only pick up the pace.
There are about a dozen major players in the B2B scene in India. India’s top B2B
Websites are as follows:


Trends in B2B eCommerce
Global B2B is estimated at $1.25 trillion. The companies of USA had 42% of their sales through B2B eCommerce. The Indian eCommerce market will reach $6 billion in
2015 a 70 percent increase over 2014 revenue of $3.5 billion according to Gartner,
B2B Commerce is undergoing radical and rapid transformation with more and more organisations learning from B2C and embracing electronic and now mobile commerce. A recent Forrester study estimates the B2B eCommerce trend has already revolutionized the way business is conducted in the developed countries and the trend will pick up in India over the next 1‐2 years. “Like B2C, many B2B organizations are establishing an online channel and they are now focusing on how to grow this channel to maximize revenue. The trend in fact is driven by an increasing focus on customer experience,” says the Forrester study.
Forrester believes that B2B eCommerce organizations must address three key trends in the coming years:

growing demand for B2C‐like B2B eCommerce experiences; increasing channel conflict between direct sales organizations and eCommerce operations; rising demand for scarce B2B eCommerce talent

Experts believe that the B2B eCommerce can certainly be successful in India because of the vital role B2C has been playing in the past few years. Likewise, many believe that the B2B eCommerce model is backed by the prior establishment of a strong B2C market. As opportunities are created, however, challenges arise as complexities of meeting the new obligations multiply. No place is this more true than in the payments arena, particularly as though B2B payments move to a global stage, as moving money across borders and currencies in a way that is secure, transparent and compliant is no easy feat, even in the age of online digital commerce.

Concerned Challenges
However B2B eCommerce, while on the surface similar to its flashier cousin B2C, suffers from a unique set of complexities. Apart from expecting B2C features (order entry, order history, technical support information and status) B2B customers also demand specialized characteristics such as different user roles and multiple input

points. Besides, the same supplier might have different catalogs, price lists, rules and discounts for different customers.
In turn, international B2B eCommerce has further challenges such as operating across different languages, cultures and legal, regulatory and logistical environments.
Some companies provide help in establishing in different markets.
Not always evident at first, but presenting an extreme challenge, is the way international payments are made. Since some financial institutions may decline transactions arising from high‐risk countries a firm wanting to enter those markets must consider alternative ways of facilitating payments.

Company Profile
MyDeals247 is the world's first real‐time marketplace (a patented solution). It is established in year 2010 by Mr. Venu G. Somineni. MyDeals247 is comprised of three dynamic business models:
A Real‐time Marketplace (Bargain Online): The entire process starts from the buyer's requirement. The buyer can choose the product and post the request online ‐ sellers are notified by the System instantaneously without disclosing the buyer's contact. Sellers do not have to maintain any inventory on the system ‐ all the product catalog is being provided by the system itself. Sellers who trade the product/item the buyer needs, make offers against the buyer’s request real‐time. System picks only the top 5 lowest offers from the sellers ‐ these offers are ranked by the lowest price in the market. Every seller is able to see the competitive offers from their immediate competitors (although the seller cannot see the respective competitor name directly). Also every seller can update their offers to beat their competitors real‐time.
Absolutely, it is a FREE subscription for both the buyers and sellers. There will be a transaction fee charged from the seller, only when the transaction is successful
(transaction fee depends on the category).
Paid Advertisements: MyDeals247 showcases the ADs based on the user's current preferences, location and interests. When the user clicks on any Ad (of personal interest), MyDeals247 showcases the questionnaire asking a couple of questions related the Advertiser's product or service or business ‐ if the user answers all the questions correctly for the first time, MyDeals247 charges the cost per potential lead from the Advertiser. If the user is not able to answer all the questions correctly,
Advertiser will not be charged at all. The advertiser can get in touch with all the users
(whoever answered all the questions correctly) and send the related offers
The cost for the "Pay Per Potential Lead" will be calculated by number of questions
Advertiser wants to ask the user:

For Rs. 10 per click, Advertiser can ask up to two questions.
For Rs. 15 per click, Advertiser can ask up to three questions.
For Rs. 20 per click, Advertiser can ask up to four questions.

Volume Deals: MyDeals247 introduces a unique approach to buy the products / services in volumes and share the same among friends and colleagues electronically.
The category list includes apparels, electronics, books, training programs, tickets for the events, and more. It is based on the concept of buy more save big.

Buyer and Seller Deal Buyer



Letter Of Intent Letter Of Intent

Quotation Quotation Bank Comfort Letter Bank Comfort Letter Irrevocable Corporate

Purchase Oder

Irrevocable Corporate
Purchase Oder

Full Corporate Offer Full Corporate Offer


Contract is sent by Mydeals 247 to Buyers and Sellers for signature Non‐Disclosure

Non Circumvention Non‐
Disclosure Agreement

Non Circumvention Non‐
Disclosure Agreement

Modified Invoice Invoice

Mydeals247 act as an intermediary between buyers and sellers. It first searches for buyers, then gets the specific requirements from them and then finds the supplier

meeting the requirements. Mydeals247 first searches buyer because the number of sellers in the market are more than the number of suppliers.
Once, buyer gets agree to make a deal with a supplier following processes are involved. 1) Buyer has to send Letter Of Intent to Mydeals247 which is forwarded to




Supplier by Mydeals247. A letter of intent is a document outlining an agreement between two or more parties before the agreement is finalized.
The most common purposes of an LOI are to clarify the key points of a complex transaction for the convenience of the parties; to declare officially that the parties are currently negotiating, as in a merger or joint venture proposal; to provide safeguards in case a deal collapses during negotiation; to verify certain issues regarding payments done for someone else e.g. credit card payments.
Supplier sends Letter Of Quotation to Mydeals247 which is then forwarded to buyer by Mydeals247. A letter of quotation is any letter written in reference to the price of a service or product. This could range from a customer or client requesting or accepting a quote, to the supplier or service provider sending the quote amount.
Buyer sends Bank Comfort Letter and Irrevocable Corporate Purchase Order to Mydeals247 which is forwarded to Suppliers.
Bank Comfort Letter is a letter confirming that a line of credit has been secured from a financial institution or bank. The bank confirms that a person is eligible for a specified amount of borrowed funds to be used for a predetermined purpose.
A document similar to a letter of intent (LOI) used by companies to communicate their intent to enter into a transaction with a foreign‐based company and provide verification of purchasing terms, banking information, and company financials.
Suppliers send Full Corporate Offer to Mydeals247 which is forwarded to buyers. After that, Mydeals247 signs Non‐Disclosure Agreement and Non
Circumvention Non –Disclosure Agreement with Buyers and Sellers. A non‐ disclosure agreement (NDA), also known as a confidentiality agreement (CA), confidential disclosure agreement (CDA), proprietary information agreement
(PIA), or secrecy agreement (SA), is a legal contract between at least two parties that outlines confidential material, knowledge, or information that the parties wish to share with one another for certain purposes, but wish to

restrict access to or by third parties. It is a contract through which the parties agree not to disclose information covered by the agreement. An NDA creates a confidential relationship between the parties to protect any type of confidential and proprietary information or trade secrets. As such, an NDA protects non ‐ public business information. Non Circumvention Non –
Disclosure Agreement Instrument used in early stages of a business transaction arranged by brokers (intermediaries). Its purpose is to ensure that
(1) the intermediaries (who brought the buyer and seller together) are not by‐ passed and (2) the information disclosed during the negotiations is not revealed to any external or unauthorized party.
6) Supplier generates the invoice and then sends to Mydeals247. An invoice, bill or tab is a commercial document issued by a seller to a buyer, relating to a sale transaction and indicating the products, quantities, and agreed prices for products or services the seller had provided the buyer.
7) Mydeals247 modifies the invoice as per its margin and sends modified invoice to buyers. Modified Invoice means modifying the price after considering the margin of Mydeals247.

Objective Of The Study
The objectives of this study are as follows:
1) To understand the mobile application in B2B.
2) To understand the concepts of market research.
3) To understand the consumer behaviour towards m‐commerce in B2B segment. 4) To understand the factors which affect consumer attitude towards m‐ commerce in B2B market.

Scope Of The Study
The scope of the study includes:
1) Investigation of the Mydeals247 mobile application and providing recommendations for the improvement.
2) Interaction with the buyers, suppliers and intermediaries and understanding their preferences for making deals in B2B market.

3) Survey of buyers, suppliers and intermediaries in B2B to understand the factors which affect their attitude to use mobile as a new channel for their deals. 4) Providing suggestions to Mydeals247 for enhancing its mobile application based on the research.

Mydeals247 Mobile Application
Mydeals247 has launched its mobile application along with its website to increase its reach and penetration. It wants to reach Kirana store shopkeepers in rural areas also.
Currently, the application is running on iOS and android based mobile devices. It has included its huge product catalog in the application. It has all its three unique features to bargain online in real time; volume deals and paid advertisements. Some of the recommendations to improve the application are as follows:
1) While registering for buyer panel, register button is shown on the top right corner and there is a very big ‘Buyer’ label below the form. As a buyer, I will first try registering by clicking the buyer label instead of register button on top right corner. It would be better to put buyer label at the top –centre position.

2) As volume deals is clicked, the volume deal offers start getting displayed.
There is no filter option. There should be a search button option so that buyer can search whatever he/she wants.

3) Once the buyer request is posted, they don’t get any notification on screen that request has been posted. So the notification should be given once the request gets post.
4) On again posting the same request the message displayed is ‘request has already been posted’. I would suggest that the message should be changed to
‘the request has been posted. Do you want to post again as another request?’ because buyer might want to post another request.
5) Also the popup message window disappears before the user could read the whole message.
6) There is no option to cancel or edit the request once buyer posts the request.
7) On clicking, edit button on Profile, it is not giving option to edit address. So, buyer will not be able to edit the address field in profile.
8) The significance of settings button is not clear. I would suggest giving some description about the settings once it is clicked might be at the top of the page. 9) The rating of majority of the products shown for bargaining is 3.5 or 4.
Practically, it is impossible to have same rating for most of the products.
10) In hot categories, on clicking the first few categories like car accessories, footwear and products like organic foods we are getting the following page.
This does not give good impression.

11) On scrolling the categories, after clicking bargain online option on home page, the filter option disappears as we scroll down.

12) On direct searching any product on home page/dashboard, and selecting option from the drop down suggestions, the page directly navigates to post a request. Ideally, it should show some description about the selected product and there should be a button on that page to navigate to another page for posting the request.

With the steady increase in mobile tech developments in recent years, many small businesses have made mobile commerce, or m‐commerce, a priority. Whether it's using a tablet in a brick‐and‐mortar store or enabling sales through a mobile website, businesses across a wide range of industries are seeking solutions to help them adapt to a mobile‐obsessed world. Retail industry is attracting customers through mobile channel and increasing its penetration. One of the major reasons behind the success of e‐commerce is that consumers can often make purchases straight from their mobile devices. It's no secret that tablets and smartphones have created a multitasking culture and made activities such as shopping easier with the advent of electronic payments. This is why, according to Internet Retailer, many companies involved in business‐to‐business transactions are taking a hard look at mobile integration. Approach To The Problem
Mobile commerce is a business model that allows a consumer to complete all steps of a transaction by using a mobile phone or personal digital assistant (PDA) rather than by going to a physical store or by voice. The rapid evolution of e‐Commerce alternative interaction channels like World Wide Web, Mobile Telephony and Digital
TV along with the continuously changing consumer behavioral patterns, have created a strong need for research tailored to the peculiarities and needs of the new channel
‐ mobile . Stimulated by these evolutions, this paper focuses on the investigation of consumer attitudes and behaviors against mobile commerce towards identifying the critical success factors for accelerating its usage in B2B market.
Based on the literature review and personally speaking to the persons and experts dealing in B2B segment following factors are considered: application functionality and design, perceived trust, perceived security and application portability.
Application Functionality and Design
The ease of use is one of the important parameters for customers to use any application. The mobile application should be user friendly. Customers should easily find their products, history and requests. There should be proper navigation among the pages. Customers prefer to visit the sites which are attractive and easily accessible. Research has also found that since a business has to prove its expertise

and give its target audience a reason to buy in; consumers tend to have a detailed description of specifications of the products.
Hypothesis: Application functionality and design has positive correlation with customer attitude towards m‐commerce.
Perceived Trust
Business buyers purchase products or services for use in their companies. In B2B‐ buying, the purchasing process is more complex. Decision making groups include members from technical, business, financial and operational departments depending on the type of purchase. The person selecting a product may not have authorization to purchase or may not have responsibility for making the final purchasing decision.
A large capital purchase, for example, may require authorization at board level.
B2B transactions require a more complex business system. Customers select products, place an order and arrange delivery through an agreed logistics channel.
Customers do not pay at the time of the order, but receive an invoice which they settle within agreed payment terms.
They are peculiar about the credibility of the buyers and suppliers. They need to assurance that they will be able to fulfil their promises which they have made with their own customers in terms of quality, quantity, physical and technical specifications and delivery.
The decision to purchase in B2B sales is generally driven by need and budgets therefore; it tends to be a very rational decision.
Hypothesis: Perceived trust has positive has positive correlation with customer attitude towards m‐commerce.
Perceived Security
Strong emotions affect human decision making process. Most consumers know what happens when their information is compromised. When major security incidents take place, the news is made public and organization suffers loss of reputation. It causes fear among online shoppers as well as mobile shoppers. With cyber criminals now targeting mobile devices, securing smartphones is more important than ever.
Therefore, consumer’s belief that they are doing a secure electronic transaction is vital for the sustained progress and development of m‐ commerce.(vol5no2_8)

Hypothesis: Consumer’s perceived security level has positive correlation with customer attitude towards m‐commerce.
Portability is the ease with which an application can be operated on different operating systems. One of the most significant attribute of m‐ commerce is the access from anywhere anytime. With time consumer changes and preferences tend to change; they may shift from one mobile device to another which might have different operating system. Consumers also like consistency. They demand their data to be saved in their account irrespective of the device used.
Hypothesis: Portability has positive correlation with customer attitude towards m‐ commerce. Conceptual framework

Application Functionality and

Perceived Trust

Customer Attitude

Perceived Security


Research Design
Nature/design of research
A research design is a framework or blueprint for conducting the marketing research project. Here, I have used exploratory as well as conclusive research. I have used exploratory research to get insights into and an understanding of the confronted problem. It helped me to define the problem more precisely and identify the relevant courses of action. After getting a brief idea, exploratory research is followed by a conclusive research. It helped me to determine, evaluate and select the best course of action to take in this situation. Here, I have tried to found out that application functionality and design, perceived trust, perceived security and application portability will help in an increase in the use of mobile for transactions in B2B. Data and Data collection tools
Qualitative and quantitative both types of data are collected for the purpose of analysis. The various types of data collection tools used are as follows:
Interview: An interview has been conducted with buyers, sellers, experts and third parties. I discussed about how deals are done in B2B segment. I discussed about what are the current channels used by them to contact each other. We found out that buyers are not easily available to suppliers.
Focus Groups: I met to 7 to 8 groups of buyers and discussed about what are their expectations from suppliers. Would they prefer to use mobile applications to make their deals with suppliers.
Surveys: Surveys are conducted with the help of questionnaires. They are mailed to buyers, suppliers and third parties with a request to fill them. I have used the five‐ point Likert scale such that 1 corresponds to unfavorable, 2 corresponds to slightly unfavorable, 3 corresponds to Neutral, 4 corresponds to slightly favorable, 5 corresponds to favorable; to measure application functionality and design, perceived trust, perceived security and portability. For measuring customer attitude I have used yes/no questions.
Population and Sample
The population of this study is composed of all buyers, intermediaries and sellers dealing in B2B market. The sampling frame consists of buyers, sellers and personnels involved in making deals at Mydeals247. Random sampling has been used to collect

data from a convenience sample of buyers, sellers and personnels involved in making deals at Mydeals. Sample size is 141.
Initially I have done meetings with the owner and business heads of Mydeals247 and done meeting with buyers and suppliers. When the problem identification has been done I have formed a questionnaire and emailed to the buyers, suppliers and intermediaries. I have adopted random sampling approach. The population of the survey was more than 18 years of age and gender diversity was also taken into account. The population of this study is composed of all buyers, intermediaries and sellers dealing in B2B market. The sampling frame consists of buyers, sellers and personnels involved in making deals at Mydeals247. Sample size is 141. I have also rejected the surveys which were filled into haste or monotonously filled. Data Analysis, Results and Discussion
Statistical analysis techniques
Descriptive Statistics: The mean score and standard deviation of application functionality and design are 4.235816 and 0.72566 respectively. The mean score and standard deviation of perceived trust are 3.287234 and 0.848284 respectively. The mean score and standard deviation of perceived security are 3.465721 and 0.937643 respectively. The mean score and standard deviation of portability are 3.93617 and
0.646007 respectively. The mean score and standard deviation of customer attitude are 0.765957 and 0.351289 respectively.
Data is collected by conducting survey and regression is performed with the help of
SPSS to study the impact of application functionality and design, perceived trust, perceived security and portability on customer attitude towards m‐commerce. The results are as follows:

Variables Entered/Removeda





Z, V, Y, Xb



a. Dependent Variable: U
b. All requested variables entered. Model Summary



Adjusted R Std. Error of






a. Predictors: (Constant), Z, V, Y, X
Since, the ‘R’ (Multiple correlation coefficients) .839 is > .150, we can say that the given data fit the model. ANOVAa


of df

Mean Square F














a. Dependent Variable: U


b. Predictors: (Constant), Z, V, Y, X
F‐value tests the null hypothesis that all of the regression coefficients are equal to zero. Since, F‐ value is 81.064, null hypothesis is rejected. It implies that a linear relationship exists between the dependent and independent variables. It is significant at 1% (Sig. value is .000, less than .01) Coefficientsa



Std. Error Beta

(Constan .063









Standardize t d Coefficients













13.446 .000






a. Dependent Variable: U Interpretation:
 Application Functionality and Design (V) has a positive impact on Customer
Attitude (U) because beta – value is .094 and it is significant at 10% (Sig. value is .079, less than .1). The confidence level is 90%. Hence, alternate hypothesis is accepted.
 Perceived Trust (X) has a positive impact on Customer Attitude (U) because beta –value is .142 and it is significant at 10% (Sig. value is .091, less than .10).
The confidence level is 90%. Hence, alternate hypothesis is accepted.
 Perceived Security (Y) has a positive impact on Customer Attitude (U) because beta –value is .847 and it is significant at 1% (Sig. value is .000, less than .01).
The confidence level is 99%. Hence, alternate hypothesis is accepted.

 Portability (Z) has a negative impact on Customer Attitude (U) because beta – value is ‐.366. Therefore, Portability is not related to Customer Attitude and alternate hypothesis is rejected.

In my research, I have found out that application functionality and design; perceived trust and perceived security have positive impact on customer attitude towards m‐ commerce. Hence, the recommendations are as follows:
1) Application functionality and design: Since it has positive impact on customer attitude it should be enhanced. Some ways to do so are:  User friendly interface.
 There should be easy navigation among the screens.
 Number of clicks required for any information should kept as minimum as possible.
 Application should be error free.
 The look and feel of the application needs to be improved.
 Highly detailed description of products should be provided.
 Application should always be accessible. 2) Perceived trust: Since, it has a positive correlation with customer attitude; following steps should be taken to increase the perceived trust among the buyers and suppliers.  Application should be made reliable.
 Credibility of buyers and suppliers needs to be maintained.
 There should be on time delivery of products meeting the buyers requirements.  There should be no delay in payments. 3) Perceived Security: Perceived Security level by the customers also has positive impact on their attitudes. Certain ways to increase the perceived security level are as follows:
 Information should not be lost during a session.
 The personal information of buyers and sellers should not be shared prior to their permission.
 Their bank details should be kept secure and confidential.
 Proper mechanisms should be installed to avoid cyber crimes.

Limitations and Caveats
I have performed exploratory cum conclusive research. On carrying out this research
I have taken a data of 140 users with the help of random sampling. There are certain limitations to research as follows:
 The sample that I have taken is of 140 users which is small in size as compared to the population size.
 Random sampling technique has been used so sample might not be proper representation of population.
 Respondents are reluctant for their feedbacks & opinions, and authenticity of their statements can’t be verified too.
 All the observation and recommendation will be made on the feedback obtained from survey.
 There is continuous change in technology and consumer behaviour.
 The research is only valid for small amount of time which is generally 3 months so after that the relevance of data would not be much authentic.

Advancement in technology is accompanied by change in consumer behaviour pattern. With the advent of internet and mobile, they are showing a shift in their attitude and increasingly showing a preference in B2B buying and selling moving towards ecommerce. One of the reasons that e‐commerce is so effective is that consumers can often make purchases straight from their mobile devices. Hence, mcommerce is becoming a new trend.
Mydeals being real time market place in B2B ecommerce domain, should focus on mcommerce. As per the analysis, it should focus on enhancing application functionality and design, perceived trust and perceived security level to boost the sales through mobile channel.

‐ecommerce‐in‐ india‐and‐their‐growing‐trends/ ‐between‐b2c‐b2b‐business‐ systems‐39922.html ‐b2b‐versus‐b2c‐marketing
‐knowledge/15th‐national‐ confernce/3918‐key‐drivers‐of‐mobile‐commerce‐an‐exploratory‐study.html  Niranjanamurthy M, Kavyashree N, Mr. S Jagannath, Dr. Dharamendra Chahar;
Analysis of E‐Commerce and M‐Commerce: Advantages, Limitations and
Security Issues; International Journal Of Advanced Research in Computer and
Communication Engineering; Vol. 2; Issue 6; June 2013
 Zakaria I. Saleh, 2 Ahmad Mashhour; Consumer Attitude towards M‐
Commerce: The Perceived Level of Security and the Role of Trust; Journal of
Emerging Trends in Computing and Information Sciences; Vol. 5, No. 2
February 2014

1) Do you deal in B2B market?
No 2) Do you have a smartphone?
No 3) Do you perform online transactions through mobile apps?
No 4) Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5:
a) Application should be user friendly ( Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral;,
Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
b) I believe that application should always be accessible. (Strongly Agree,
Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
c) The look and feel of the application matters to me. (Strongly Agree, Agree,
Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
d) Highly detailed content is required for B2B marketing. (Strongly Agree,
Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree) 5) Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5:
a) Appearance of the application does not matter to me. (Strongly Agree,
Agree, Neutral;, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
b) Accessibility of the application is not important. (Strongly Agree, Agree,
Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
c) Application should not be easy to navigate (Strongly Agree, Agree,
Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree) 6) Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5:
a) Mobile Commerce is reliable. (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree,
Strongly Disagree)
b) I believe the credibility of the buyers/suppliers. (Strongly Agree, Agree,
Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)

c) I trust that I can place bulk orders through mobile Apps. (Strongly Agree,
Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
d) I believe that m‐commerce helps me to keep the promise that I make to business. (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree) 7) Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5:
a) Mobile Commerce is fraud. (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree,
Strongly Disagree)
b) I believe that I fail in business if I do transactions on m‐ commerce.
(Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)

8) Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5:
a) I believe my information will not be lost during a session. (Strongly Agree,
Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
b) I believe my personal information will not be shared prior to my permission. (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
c) I believe that my bank details will be kept confidential. (Strongly Agree,
Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)

9) Please rate the following statements on a scale of 1 to 5:
a) Portability of the application matters to me. (Strongly Agree, Agree,
Neutral, Disagree, Strongly Disagree)
b) Consistency of the application across platforms and touch points is important to me. (Strongly Agree, Agree, Neutral, Disagree, Strongly

10) Would you recommend m‐commerce to others?
No 11) Would you prefer m commerce to e commerce?
No 12) What is your age?

50 13) What is your qualification?
Higher Secondary School.
Senior secondary School
Post Graduation
Ph. D.

14) Gender :
Female 15) Income level:
50 L PA 16) Role: Buyer Supplier Third Party…...

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...gaUniversidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias Caso de estudo m-Commerce Tiago Banha 20085961 LEI 28-10-2011 Universidade Lusofona de Humanidades e Tecnologias O que é a regra '8-segundos' da Internet e porque é tão importante para a tecnologiado m-commerce? R: A regra dos “8 segundos” diz respeito ao tempo da comunicação da acção, isto é, o tempo que a acção do utilizador leva a ser recebida. Claro que é uma regra bastante importante, pois é na base da rapidez que o cliente toma preferençia pela tecnologia m-Commerce. Porque poderá ser útil que os fornecedores de m-commerce ter registos históricos das compras dos seus utilizadores? R: Ter registos de compras dos utilizadores pode ser util e importante para o melhoramento dos serviços e ofertas, pois esses registos ajudarão a ter um maior conhecimento da ultilização dos clientes, ajustando assim os seus serviços as necessidades dos clientes. Qual é a maior preocupação que a maioria dos utilizadores de telemóveis têm acerca da utilização dos serviços de m-commerce? Que outras preocupações têm? R: A maior preocupação dos utilizadores de telemoveis que utilizam serviços mCommerce é a segurança, tais como tambem a fiabilidade e velocidade. São estes os maiores ‘medos’ dos utilazadores destes serviços. Porque motivo são os avanços tecnológicos como os “pseudo-wires” e tecnologia MPLS importantes para aumentar a capacidade de “backhaul”? Tenta pesquisar estas tecnologias utilizando outras fontes......

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M Commerce

...Question 4 – Assignment 1 app – Business Intelligence, Mobile payments, Mobile advertising and Personalisation Imagine that you are the developer of the mobile phone application you designed during assignment 1. 1) Remind me what your mobile commerce was and its name. ” My app is Child Care ” ** Description my app: log in by username and password OR signature Search page: choose your language and your Location ” country “ è City and suburb Then select full time OR part time and with food or not, and age your child The app give you list of child care to available with price, distance, address, map,…. If you choose one of them the app give you more information about it such as photo center, staff, game,… and contact and support chatting ,Facebook, twitter. Translation and Booking Booking page: enter your information child and payment and receive receipt by iPhone or email. 2) List all the mobile payments you know (e.g. credit card, Vouchers, PayPal, fingerprint,….) and explain how each of them they work and what you need to do as an application developer to be able to use them. 3) How would you personalise the application to the individual users? And why? 4) What would be your strategy to advertise for your app? Content, where, when and why? 5) How can you include external advertising in your mobile phone app? Where do you get the ads from and under what criteria – be precise? 6) How would you use...

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Chapter 8 Case 2 M-Commerce: the Past, Present, and Future

...JANE P. LAUDON CHAPTER 8 CASE 2 VIDEO CASE E-COMMERCE: DIGITAL MARKETS, DIGITAL GOODS M-Commerce: The Past, Present, and Future Systems PART 1 URL PART 2 URL continued Chapter 8 Case 2 M-CoMMerCe: the past, present, and Future 2 PART 3 URL TAGS SUMMARY Tellabs; m-commerce; mobile commerce; 3g networks; online payment systems; backhaul network; customer expectations; limitations. Mobile Commerce is a new reality. This wireless, next-generation evolution of e-commerce is already poised to change the way both consumers and operators do business. Narrated by Gabriel Brown, Chief Analyst for Unstrung Insider, Tellabs’ three-part podcast series delves into the current state of mcommerce: its history, promises, challenges, early adopters, and potential. Industry analysts, end users, and Tellabs experts analyze topics ranging from mCommerce technology requirements and backhaul demands to security and standards issues, current and future markets, and revenue expectations. CASE Mobile commerce is poised to reshape the way people manage their everyday lives. As mobile devices are equipped with more and more capabilities, especially broadband Internet access and mobile payment systems, we will come to rely on these devices as essential to us. The value of mobile commerce in the United States is expected to increase from......

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M Commerce

...M-commerce(Mobile Commerce) is “the delivery of electronic commerce capabilities directly into the hands, anywhere, via wireless technology” and “putting a retail outlet in the customer’s hands anywhere.” This can be done with just a mobile phone, a PDA connected to a mobile phone or even a portable PC connected to a mobile phone. M-commerce is the buying and selling of goods and services through wireless handheld devices such as cell phones and personal digital assistants (PDAs). Known as next-generation e-commerce, m-commerce enables users to access the Internet without needing to find a place to plug in. The emerging technology behind m-commerce, which is based on the Wireless Application Protocol, has made far greater strides in Europe. M-commerce allows one to reach the consumer directly, not his fax machine, his desk, his secretary or his mailbox, but ones consumer directly, regardless of where he is. Internet use has grown to such a level on the strength of PC networks. Due to the huge base of installed PCs, which is predicted to grow in a faster pace in the days to come, electronic commerce and other communication applications are bound to thrive further. Also, these computing systems will have greater power and storage capability, the best ever price-performance ratios, more powerful and sophisticated applications will likely emerge for desktop computing and the Internet. However, there are two major limitations on PCs. First , users have to sit in front of......

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M Commerce

...Challenges and risks involved in m-commerce: The term m-commerce was coined by Kevin Duffy, the director of Group Telecom of Logical, in February 1997.Several definitions have been suggested for m-commerce. The Durlacher Mobile Commerce Report defines m-commerce as .any transaction with monetary value that is conducted via a mobile telecommunications network. This definition is fairly rigid, and makes a very clear-cut distinction between m-commerce applications and other mobile applications. The challenges to the emergence of m-commerce do not end with limited resources. The bandwidth currently available is not ideal. The effective bandwidth, as quoted by, is somewhere around 9kbps. This further hinders the advent of sites containing graphics and user-friendlier interfaces, in turn discouraging users from opting for m-commerce. M-commerce or mobile e-commerce represents the using of mobile devices for communication and implementation of electronic commerce transaction or any transaction with monetary value achieved through mobile devices. M-commerce appeared due to the rapid evolution of the mobile devices and connection among internet became more accessible regardless of the geographical location of the person who connects to the Internet. M-Commerce applications are obtained by the two methods: • supplement or extend existing applications, which involves the addition of new tools to improve more efficient the access to E-Commerce applications......

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...Pinkberry drives in-store product launch trial via mobile advertising Frozen yogurt chain Pinkberry launched a location-based ad campaign that served up mobile coupons to lure nearby consumers into stores in April. The ads ran within the Pandora iPhone app with creative that showed consumers how many miles away they were from a Pinkberry location. When clicked on, a landing page presented an offer for $1 off of a greek yogurt product. The landing page also included directions and a click-to-call option. The coupon was redeemable by showing a screen grab of the ad at the point-of-sale. As marketers increasingly look to make mobile ads more contextual and relevant to consumers, location and targeted data has been one of the biggest growth areas in the industry this year. In Pinkberry’s case, consumers are more inclined to interact with the banner ad since it ties together an offer with a specific location. • When consumers tap on the mobile ad, a landing page is brought up with four tabs that run across the top of the page – home, map, details and call. • The homepage of the ad shows the offer, which runs through April 30. Consumers can save the coupon by taking a screenshot of the ad to show at the point-of-sale. • Under the maps tab, consumers can view the address and directions to the nearest Pinkberry store. • Additional information about the product is under the details tab, and consumers can choose to call the local store via the ad. • Tying a coupon to...

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Reviews on Practical Perspectives of M-Commerce in Asean Countries

...M-Commerce or E-Commerce on Mobile is known as a term that describes online sales transactions via wireless electronic devices such as hand-held computers, mobile phones, smart phones, tablets or laptops. These wireless devices interact with computer networks which have ability to conduct online merchandise purchases. It also includes the purchase and sale of a wide range of goods and services, online banking, bill payment, information delivery and so on. Mobile e-commerce is therefore one of the subsets of electronic commerce. In 2015, Thailand and other countries in ASEAN will have free trading. The rapidity of trading must be the first priority. The M–Commerce offers a great solution to support ASEAN markets. Therefore, Thailand should realize and prepare concrete plans to manage technology in order to support the growth of M-commerce. This paper provides the reviews of M-Commerce fundamentals in order to help business units, especially the people who have no IT background, to understand the key elements and general issues from M-Commerce. The objective is to explore M-commerce in Thailand market by learning success case study from the capital of M-commerce in Japan. For instance, Line and Rakuten were jump to success after they introduced the systematic of M-commerce. There is case study report named “Study Smartphone users in Thailand” from LINE Corporation. The report reveals that there are 22 million Line users and 25% were subscribed to the LINE sale channel...

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Lbs-Challenges in M Commerce intermittent or inaccurate. The potential for location-based services is evident from powerful and ubiquitous wireless devices that are growing in popularity.8,23 Many surveys predict billions of dollars in revenues for mobile advertising.27 Mobile Network Operators are well positioned to take up a significant percent of this advertising revenue as they negotiate deals with content providers. Recent deals between media companies, advertising agencies and Internet/software industry also demonstrate significant optimism for future growth.4,19 However, there are many challenges that have slowed down the deployment, offering, and wide-scale adoption of location-based services. The challenges key insights  Professionals should be aware of technical- and business-related challenges as they develop solutions for location-based services. attracted considerable attention due to their potential to transform mobile communications and the potential for a range of highly personalized and context-aware services. Since the days of early location-tracking functionalities introduced in Japan in 2001 and in some U.S. networks, location-based services have made considerable progress. E911 requirements Location-base d s e r v i c e s h av e 121 communications of t h e ac m | M ay 2 0 1 1 | vo l . 5 4 | n o. 5  Location-based mobile advertising has potential to generate significant revenues leading to successful business......

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Survey of H&M Target

...I chose friend of mine who are under 25 years old and used to buy in H&M stores since many years. They are the perfect target of H&M because they are young and most of them are student so they could spend more money on shopping and they know how the technology goes today. The purpose was to see if they generally buy their clothes on the internet, what they think about the site of H&M and what it should have add on website to push them buy more on the internet. I gave my questionnaire to seven girls and one boy. Most of them buy there clothes few times on the internet and not only in the H&M site. They think that on websites clothes are less expensive than on the shop and that there is a lot more totally new stuff and more offers, more often. The only boy thinks that it permitted to buy clothes without going out and spend your time on shops. But, all of them prefer buy their clothes on shops because they could try and see if its fit them and see the texture of the product, something that we can not see on a website even if there is the new system of trying clothes on another body not yours. People would like usually touch the shirt or the pants to see if it's comfortable and the quality. In shops it is more secure because there is buyers, they can help you to choose the right things and if you have a problem with it you can easily return it there than on internet where you must wait a couple of weeks to have your product. It is an other aspect of the......

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M-Commerce Research Paper

...Hair Today Gone Tomorrow Ltd. INTRODUCTION Companies are formed to create a legal identity separate from the individuals who make up the membership of the company. A company is the predominant form of legal entity for conducting business in Ireland today. There are different types of company including private companies limited by shares, public limited companies, single member companies, unlimited companies, companies limited by guarantee having a share capital and companies limited by guarantee not having a share capital. The companies clear objectives are stated throughout but in a sentence are: To provide a barber service to customers, whilst maintaining high customer service standards and a quality health and safety implementation. 1. Legal Structure I have chosen to set up a private limited company, a private limited company is a company whose shareholders are offered limited liability. However, ownership restrictions are strictly in place to avoid the hostile takeover attempt by any association or bylaws. The restrictions include the sale or transfer of a shareholder's share must be first offered to the other shareholders the shareholders cannot sell their shares on the stock exchange to the public, a fixed number of individuals are considered to be shareholders. Reasons for using a private limited company structure There are many advantages to having a private limited company, these include: * A Private Limited Company is a legal......

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...Case D M-COMMERCE Q1. What is the 8-second rule and why is it important to m-commerce technology? The 8-second rule is an old way of measuring the adequate response time of a webserver through different bandwidth connections, the average web user will wait about eight seconds for a page to download, but that current average download time across backbone connection on most web sites is almost ten seconds. If the load time of a webpage is more than 8 seconds, users will have no patience to wait it and they will close this website. For the aspect of its importance: Firstly, the 8-seond rule is prerequisite for m-commerce technology. The mobile phones and other handheld devices provide the high speed internet connectivity, which provides the basis of the M-commerce. Once you have high speed internet connectivity on your mobile phones, you can shop, sell, pay or trade online anytime and anywhere in the world. Secondly, speed is very much an issue when using your mobile, because you often tend to be impatient in the first place, when the mobile is so slow to connect to the internet. Thirdly, Consumers become nervous when an electronic financial transaction takes too long, or when they have to re-enter their information to make it happen. Q2. Why might it be useful to m-commerce providers to have records of their users’ purchase histories? By engaging a mobile commerce, mobile providers not only allow the customers to go to more sophisticated behaviors, but also do......

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M Commerce An Infrastructure for Personal Predictive Mobile Commerce Andreas Komninos, Peter Barrie, Julian Newman, Stuart Landsburgh Department of Computer Science Glasgow Caledonian University Glasgow, UK [ako2, pba4, jne,slands10] Abstract Given mobile phone penetration statistics and current mobile phone technical specifications, it is apparent that in developed countries, the majority of citizens carry not just mobile phones, but true mobile computing devices. These devices are still primarily used for telephony, although information access is slowly emerging as a popular service on these devices. Despite the availability of network connectivity and device characteristics that make Information Access possible, this is currently generally confined to accessing the WWW. While useful, this method is not the best way of providing information access to mobile devices. This paper discusses current research in the use of mobile services and proceeds by presenting a background on an infrastructure for a focused information access application for mobile commerce. Through this background, we discuss the need for embedding multi-dimensional context awareness into the design of applications that provide dedicated, targeted and personalised information access to users, and describe the dimensional vectors necessary for the acquisition of contextual information. Further to this, the paper highlights the challenges that must be overcome in obtaining contextual......

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Case C – M-Commerce: the Past, Present and Future

...CASE C – M-COMMERCE: THE PAST, PRESENT AND FUTURE Q1 - What is the 8 seconds rule of Internet and why is it so important for m-commerce technology? The 8-second rule is an old rule of the Internet; it is the rough unit of measure of the performance of a web server. This rule was implemented when Internet was taking its first steps. It indeed specified that if the loading time of a web page exceeded eight seconds, Internet users would not wait any longer. Yet the fact remains that this rule no longer applies as a much higher percentage of Internet users have reliable Internet connections, which allow them to upload almost all websites in less than a second. M-commerce is the ability to conduct a transaction while using a mobile device. There are two frequent types of usage of the m-commerce, a mobile user can buy something online from his mobile web connection, or he can use his mobile device as a way of physical payment in a shop (which thus replaces money, checks or credit card). There rules are truly fondamentals when talking about making m-commerce technology a reality: reliability, security and speed. In fact speed is a critical need for the development of m-commerce, one will not use its mobile phone to pay for something if it takes longer than using a regular money payment. Furthermore, todayeveryone expect us to be very fast, and we live much faster than former generations used to, and this has only been possible through technological improvement. This boils......

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M Commerce penetration rate in the country stands at 242 per cent of the entire population, far exceeding any other country. “When it comes to mobile banking services, banks in the UAE will catch up sooner or later, as more and more consumers start to own smart phone devices and opt for banking convenience. In fact, Euromonitor believes that mobile phone subscriptions in the UAE will hit approximately 15 million in the coming five years,” says Hussain Doughan, Euromonitor International’s senior regional consultant for Middle East and North Africa. According to a consumer research by mBlox, a mobile transaction network, mobile banking has gained a foothold in the US and UK markets, surpassing the popularity of branch and telephone banking. The survey found that 25 per cent of US mobile phone users and 37 per cent of UK mobile phone users have adopted mobile banking services. However, given the accessibility of banking and money transfer services in the country, Doughan says mobile banking in the UAE will continue to cater to a niche segment of the market that is looking for convenience. “Many argue that mobile banking is highly effective in countries where consumers are living in remote areas and do not have easy access to local banks. In the UAE, we have relatively easy access to bank branches and exchange houses which are seen as a big competitor to mobile banking,” he explains. “Therefore, consumers in the UAE can choose whether or not to use mobile banking services compared to......

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