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Supporting the Needs of All Learners

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Supporting the Needs of All Learners
Shiffon Hooper
EDU697 Capstone: A Project Approach
Dr. Margaret Broderick
April 3, 2015

Support the Needs of All Learners With the advancement of technology in education it has provided more opportunity for learners of all backgrounds: students from diverse economic situations, students with special needs and students with different backgrounds. Gardner (1996) explains his eight theories of intelligences as the way we learn and adapt. We are all different and have different learning styles. Some are visual and others learn by doing. As humans we process information differently (Lever-Duffy & McDonald, 2011).
Redesign EDU648 Lesson Technology helps us learn in a different way other than the traditional textbooks. Online lets us learn in a different way than the traditional brick and mortar schools. You will see my blog and see the changes made to the re-design paper with many new ways to learn through technology and how technology supports each learning styles. One size does not fit all anymore, we are a diverse world and have many different learning styles and our culture and environment reflects in our learning. Many children with learning disabilities may struggle with social situations and behavior problems.
It was challenging to find the right lesson to re-design. Going back and reading each lesson took time and I was undecided what to choose. The original lesson was more about multiple intelligences and not about technology for multiple diverse learners. Most of the lessons were PowerPoint and it was difficult to re-design a PowerPoint and cover all the things I needed to include. I decided to re-design a paper that I had submitted in EDU648. Including technology and supporting the needs to diverse learners is a large subject and it was difficult to condense it down. To…...

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