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Task 4 – Cash Flow Forecast and possible finance options for the purchase of fixed assets – AO4 & 5
In this task I will be completing a cash flow forecast for the six months of trading by using the figures provided in the case study. Then I will recommend to my mum that which option to choose and will state the reasons of choosing the particular option, at the end of this task.
Cash flow forecast
Cash flow forecast estimate the timing and amounts of cash inflows and outflows over a specified period of time, usually one year. It indicates to a business that whether they need to borrow, how much, when, and how it will repay the loan. A cash flow forecast will only ever be as good as the quality of the predictions being made. This is the reason that the businesses put on accurate information in order to develop detailed estimations of the financial position of the business. Therefore when this has been made then it is possible to make decision based on the results. So that the business then can compare their cash flow forecast with the actual figures when known. This is because it allows the business to see any major differences in figures so that it can be investigated and find out why or how they occurred.
Elements of a cash flow forecast
A cash flow forecast ids made up of different sections which will be explained in detail below. * Income breakdown – income breakdown is the first section in a cash flow forecast where the incoming money is recorded and this includes; sales revenue – it is the money received from the sale of goods or services by the business, capital – it is an extra funds that have been put into the business by the owners, sale of shares – the amount received from selling the shares will appear within this section, loans – it is the money that has been borrowed from external sources, and sale of fixed assets – it is…...

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