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Sugar Substitute Research Decision: Medium Involvement.

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Sugar Substitute Research Decision: Medium involvement. Coast Guard Cutter Decision Problem: Low involvement 2. What factors led you to choose this alternative rather than the others? Sugar Substitute Research Decision: * Decision structure: no set decision process for such project. * Source of decision knowledge: Sugar substitute is beyond my technical expertise, but some of researchers are familiar with it. I do not know how much demand is expected for this product * Decision commitment: the budget for R&D department is limited, and they are short in resources as well. However, sugar substitute can be another huge source of company profit, and some level of participation in decision making will improve scientists and researchers to commit to the decision. * Risk of conflict: risk of conflict seems low since most researchers in R&D unit are committed to ensuring the company’s interests. Coast Guard Cutter Decision Problem: * Decision structure: no programmed procedures? * Source of decision knowledge: Both my team and I are experts. Communication is lost. Storm is severe. * Decision commitment: the crews have to follow the decision even though they don’t agree with it. Employee involvement is not necessary to improve commitment. * Risk of conflict: there may be some conflict between norms because the decision is critical to one’s life. 3. What problems might occur if less or more involvement occurred in this case (where possible)? Sugar Substitute Research Decision: if less involvement occurs, the subordinates may not be so motivated and committed to the project. Since they are already experiencing short staff and financial difficulties, the project which is not directly related to beer production may not be appealing to them.
Coast Guard Cutter Decision Problem: If more involvement occurs, there may be too many…...

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