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TEACHER HISTORICAL INFORMATION I’ve had 3 years teaching experience in the public school setting all of which have taken place at the middle school level, more specifically grades sixth and seventh. I began my teaching career as a physical education and health teacher, but I took and passed the Praxis II for Middle School Level Core Content Knowledge; this along with passing an Arkansas History collegiate course allowed me to add fourth through eighth grade mathematics, science, literature, and social studies to my teaching license. About three weeks into my first year teaching I was asked if I would be willing to teach science in addition to physical education to which I agreed. Since then I’ve either taught exclusively seventh and eighth grade science or a combination of physical education and science classes at said level. I also was the head coach for eighth grade girls sports and assistant for seventh grade girls sports which include: volleyball, basketball, and track and field. For this project I chose to concentrate on the interactions taking place in the science classroom setting as I feel it provides a more appropriate backdrop for this project. I feel like one of the more important qualities in both my personal and professional life is my ability to easily learn and process new information. This quality helped me immensely when I began teaching science because I had very little experience teaching in the classroom setting (just a semester of student teaching health) and no experience teaching science. Because of this quality I also have good problem solving skills which are obviously extremely useful when exposed to new situations or surroundings. When you combine both of these qualities you are provided the added benefit of adaptability. My mentor teacher my first year teaching said she was very surprised with the ease I made the switch from physical…...

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