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Case Study Module 2
Lindsey M. Charbonneau
Ashford University

Abstract Case studies have been used throughout research for preparing all types of people for numerous types of situations they may come in contact with in the professional world. As educators it is important to stay atop of the latest research so we can be prepared to engulf any situation with care, intelligence, and the optimum outcome for the student. The following case studies show possible outcomes for two separate cases dealing with Raoul, a hard of hearing bilingual sweet third grader, and Joe, a tutored in reading pressured by his community involved parents. Both students need a lot of attention from not only the school staff but also their influencing outside forces to help them succeed with the goals each educator has set for them during the current school year. Below are three possible solutions that are very different but hold the very same goal, doing everything within the educator’s power to assist the student in their success.

Case Study One Introduction In Level A, Case 1 we have Raoul. Raoul is nine years old and in the third grade. He is a bilingual student that is completely fluent in English and Spanish. Raoul is well liked by both his peers and staff, especially when is translating for his Cuban born parents. Raoul’s challenge in the classroom is due to his being hard of hearing. He has the most difficulty when information in the classroom is passed on partially or all orally.
Case Study One Summary Raoul’s teacher has set the following goals for the remainder of the school year: * Increase his ability to gather information orally in while class settings. * Use his skills with peer interactions to increase his access to class information. * Lastly, Raoul has a big class project to prepare and present. He must also have the ability to sit and try to hold…...

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