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Strategies to Control and Monitor Network

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FTP – TCP PORT 21 – control command SSH – TCP PORT 22 – secure shell used for secure log-in, file transfer and port forwarding TELNET –TCP PORT 23 – telnet unencrypted text communications SMTP – TCP PORT 25 – simple mail transfer protocol, email routing DNS – TCP/UDP PORT 53 – domain name system TFTP – UDP PORT 69 – trivial file transfer HTTP – TCP PORT 80 and TCP HTTPS PORT 443 – hypertext transfer protocol and secure hypertext POP3 – TCP PORT 110 – post office protocol SNMP – UDP PORT 161 – simple network management protocol HTTPS – TCP PORT 443 – hypertext transfer protocol/ over SSL/TLS

POP3 servers hold incoming email messages and SMTP server handle sending of your email

TCP is connection-oriented protocol and UDP is connectionless protocol

Orig. IEEE Standard Shortname Informal Name Speed Type Cabling 802.3 10BASE5 Ethernet 10Mbps Thick Coaxial

802.3u 100BASE-TX Fast Ethernet 100Mbps UTP

802.3z 1000BASE-X Gigabit Ethernet 1000Mbps Fiber

802.3ae 10GBASE-X 10GbE 10Gbps Fiber

802.3af Power over Ethernet enhancements 12.95w

802.3at Power over Ethernet enhancements 25W

• Carrier Sense Multiple Access with Collision Detection- it’s the LAN access method for Ethernet

• CAT5 – 2 variety cabling UTP or SCTP flexible with speed 10 or 100Mbps up to 100Mhz

CAT5e- Enhanced cat5 cabling with data transfer speed 1000Mbps and less crosstalk than cat5

CAT6 – Cabling made up of 4pairs of copper wires and twice bandwidth of cat5 with speed to Gbps and up to 250Mhz

• UTP – Type of cabling that uses pairs of copper wires twisted together with no additional shielding from the effects of EMI.

STP - Type of cabling that…...

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