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Stop Trying to Delight Your Customers

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Stop trying to delight your customers was a very interesting article I enjoyed reading it and I especially liked the beginning of the article when the authors say “To really win their loyalty forget the bells and whistles and just solve their problem.” This statement is totally true because companies must delight their customers by exceeding their service expectations. Helping customers find the solution to a problem through the use of problem solving model strengthens the customer provider relationships. Just as each customer is unique, problems are unique and should be approached in a manner that allows you to gather information and take the appropriate course of action to solve it. An important aspect to me that companies really need to focus on is the front line. “Frontline employees are crucial for good customer interactions". The frontline is the first contact to the customers and the first contact is critical to problem solving because is all the customer wants first. Once the quick solution is implemented, root cause analysis, new or unconscious customer needs analysis, confirm the solution implemented or improve it in a short delay. Keep your customer and the front line posted on what's going on but do not harass them either. The feeling of being delighted is not linear; it evolves between situation and business as usual. The job of a service provider is to return to the customer to a satisfied state. Not listening, poor communication, and lack of respect are roadblocks to maintain a long term relationship with the customer. The problem is that organizations do not have a deep understanding of what their customers’ needs and wants are, so this gives business of having clarity about where to invest scarce resources to deliver product and service to customers in a sustainably excellent way. It will indeed be different for different customers and industries.…...

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