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Stations of the Cross

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Blind Stations of the Cross
“like a lamb led to the slaughter or a sheep before the shearers”

The Blind Stations of the Cross can be done with any size group, but it is best if the large group is broken up into smaller groups of 5 to 8. Each group should have one or two leaders who act as Roman Guards (Centurions). Each station should be at a different location at your church or school grounds, so that it is actually a physical walk to get from one station to another. Station I – Last Supper
- All the youth will be seated facing the front of the room
- Centurions will choose their group, put blindfolds on them and then sit them close to each other on the ground or at tables
- Luke 22: 14-20 will be read
- Give the youth water and break bread and give each a small piece of bread in one hand Station II – The Garden
- lead youth outside into the garden (it is best at this point to have youth put one hand on the shoulder of the person in front of them so they can walk blindfolded)
- Luke 22:39-53 will be read
- The garden is misty (us spray bottles filled with water)
- You fall to your knees – (group to their knees)
- Blood starts to drip from your sweat glands (dab of water around the forehead)
- See Judas come before you…they arrest you (duct tape wrists sticky side up)
- They lead you away to be judged (weave a rope in between each youth putting the rope in between the duck tapped wrists) Station III – Pontius Pilate’s Court
- Lead youth to Pilate’s court
- John 18:28 – John 19:1 will be read
- All the centurions yell “crucify him!” Station IV – Scourging
- lead youth for a while and then have them kneel down
- Describe scourging (as describing, make sound with whip. The best thing to use is a dow rod or stick and make a swish sound…...

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