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28 November 2014 The Contrast between 1920’s Woman and Modern Woman During the change of era in the united states, and culture have huge progress.That is the human change because of the society.So the gender issue between 1920’s woman and modern woman have much different.First of all,it is obvious in career.For example,Women who lived in 1920 year only could be a housewife,because in that dark society all man were patriarchal.They would not ask their wife to join a job.If did that,others will think this men was incapable that means this men should depended on his wife.And woman must to listened to her husband whatever he said.Also in the family,parents want to have a boy because girl should married to boy.So woman became weak by the bully of men.On the other hands,Woman in the modern time can be a housewife or join a job, it is depend on their mind.Also most of women turn into teacher that is wonderful occupation.Therefore,the balance of employment between man and woman is lopsided.So the government encourage women to join in work.Also woman thought it was boring that all day stay in the home,they want to show the interest in work.Because of that the status of woman become more important with time.In addition,culture affect women in unlike time.For instance,women in 1920,they bobbed their hair.wore short shirt and listened jazz music.When they have negative or dispirited,the only one thing their could do is drunk or smoke.Otherwise,the entertainment facilities are developmental.such as gymnasium.So woman can not break their health to satisfy their dejection.And the smoke of woman like hooliganism.So most of woman do not do that because they want to protect their dignity.To summary,the development of age helps woman can do much things than before.Woman is equal with men.There are some woman become to the…...

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