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Spreadsheet Modelling

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Spreadsheet modelling

As a future financial analyst my work will be based on analysing data from company’s gathered data spreadsheets. Hence it is crucial for my own career success to understand the importance of spreadsheet modelling and its implementation. As according to (Susan Coles, Jennifer Rowley, 1996) “The decision maker’s judgement must be exercised in the interpretation of the data and the final decision making.” There is no better way of benefiting my future career than developing advanced skills in modelling Excel. As I have learned from few articles I read about this subject, there are many advantages of excelling my skills so as problems I should look out for.
Firstly, studying advanced Excel modelling not only helps students to build technological knowledge but “also largely improve their practical analytical skills and abilities.”(Junying, 2010). By studying how to model spreadsheets students get a real chance to see how actual data is analysed by spreadsheet build in models and help them to further their own analytical knowledge and see how it works in real life. I think it is hugely beneficial for students in their further real life working scenarios.
As I seen how important and beneficial this study is, the question is why don’t all the users have them skills? And the answer lays with the management. As (Michelle L.F. Cheong , Thin-Yin Leong, 2009) write in their article that business management do not realise the importance of the spreadsheet modelling and so do not put any emphasis on its improvement and…...

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