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Kin 4515
July 2013
Speaker Paper Another exciting week of speakers in Kin 4515 that kept the classes attention. This has to be the first time I actually had a Skype speaker keep my attention and was able to relate me to me without even seeing their face. The four speakers this week all had great things to say and very good advice for prospective students looking to start working when they graduate.
The first speakers of the week were Jayson Santos and Blair Napolitano. Jayson and Blair are part of LSU’s compliance staff. At first they jokingly described themselves as the “police” of the coaching staff and athletes. The reason why Jayson and Blair said this is because they have to make sure that everyone in the athletic department are following procedures off the field according to the NCAA.
Blair has been with LSU’s compliance department for about eight years now. She says her main focus is player’s initial eligibility to play sports at LSU. Blair says she works with high school kids. Blair helps the high school students make sure during their four years of high school they take their core classes. There are sixteen core classes these students have to take in order for them to be eligible to play sports at LSU. From there, Blair evaluates the student’s transcripts and makes sure that the students are prepared to come to LSU once they graduate high school.
As for Jayson, he went to college initially to go to law school but decided against going to law school and ended up getting an internship working for the NCAA. From there, Jayson went to grad school at South East Missouri State and then came to LSU to work in their compliance department. In compliance, Jayson is the person who gives student athletes advice on agents for professional sports. Jayson also has to monitor phone calls between coaches and students and has to report violations, if any…...

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