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Some People Think That Modern Technology Has Made Our Lives Complex. We Should Stop Using Modern Technology to Make Life Simpler. to What Extent Do You Agree or Disagree?

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As a matter of fact, the question whether modern technology has made our lives complex is a controversial one. Different individuals can hold various opinions due to their distinct backgrounds. In some areas, some people think that modern technology has made our lives complex, whereas in other fields, others believe that modern technology has made our lives simple and convenient. However, I give my vote to the latter opinion.

Nowadays, with modern technology such as cars, it is quite common to see these cars in the roads: most families own a car. That results in complex traffic problems, air pollution and noise. Therefore, some people claim that modern technology seriously influences our life and causes a confused environment. In the other hand, if it won’t for modern technology in our lives, we would live as simply as ancient peoples did, with a comfortable environment. But actually, we can move quickly to another place with a car, which bring more convenience to life.

More and more people think that we cannot imagine our lives without modern technology such as computers, smart phones and so on. We use computers to do business with programs like Microsoft Word and also to communication with email or Skype. No doubt we save time, paper and shorten distance because of computers. For one recent example, people were amazed to know that smart phones can change our life style. For instance, we just started to use smart phones which can take pictures, surf the internet, play games, set an alarm and take notes on the phone. There is a variety of function in one smart phone. Thus, most of people think that modern technology has made our lives simpler.

In conclusion, although modern technology causes some problems like chaotic traffic and air pollution, I personally believe that the use of modern technology can always make our lives…...

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