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Some people believe that movies and television could make bad influence on people's behavior due to too many soap dramas and bad shows on TV nowadays. However, I disagree with this statement because you still can gain a lot of knowledge by watching TV, and people can prevent bad things to happen again by seeing the same things happened in the movies or television. Also by watching TV, one can understand other people's life more.

First, TV shows and movies give a lot of information to people in current industrial society. If you don't watch them, you can't follow the latest hot news and the newest technology today. For example, I always turn on the TV to watch the news reports every day in my breakfast time. By doing so, I can discuss the hot issues with my friends and get some new ideas and knowledge from this. Therefore, movies and television still provide some useful information.

Second, most people have their own ordinary life and they don't know bad things will always happen until they bump into the bad things. But by seeing films or programs, we can avoid those unlucky things shown on TV coming again to us. Take health programs as an example, I saw a series of programs about how to improve people's health on TV, and then I told my parents the methods taught by the programs. They followed the same way to do and they really felt more comfortable and healthier, and this did help my parents to avoid from more sickness. Hence, I think the information from TV and movies has the effect on preventing bad lucks.

Lastly, the mass media play an important role in the world for people to communicate with each other. We don't know what is the life of other person originally, but movies and television help us to understand more. So we are more willing to help each other and make more happiness around us. For instance, the strong tsunami cause heavy damage in Japan.…...

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