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Thank you for agreeing to fill in my blogging survey! All questions are optional and you can write as much or as little as you want. I am using the information to write an ebook provisionally called Better Blogging for Writers. Five surveys will be drawn out of a hat (or similar head-shaped container!) to win a free copy of the ebook when it is completed. Many thanks for your help. Please return to
Lou Treleaven 1. Web address of blog

2. Title of blog

3. When did you start your blog and what is it about?

4. Which blogging platform (eg WordPress, Blogger etc) do you use and why?

5. How often do you post?

6. How many pages do you have?

7. Do you use tags and categories?

8. Do you understand the difference between tags and categories?!

9. What’s your average number of page views per month this year?

10. What’s your average number of visitors per month this year?

11. What’s your most popular post or topic?

12. What’s your main reason for blogging, eg pleasure, publicity, writing practice etc?

13. How many other blogs do you follow?

14. How many do you regularly read?

15. How do you feel about adverts on blogs?

16. What’s the most useful thing you’ve learned since you’ve started blogging?

17. Would you consider a sponsored blog post if you were approached by a company and you liked the product?

18. Would you consider a sponsored blog post if you were approached by a company and you didn’t feel strongly about the product?

19. Do you approve comments before displaying them?

20. Do you reply to all comments?

Please tick this box if you are happy for me to quote you in my book
(You can still send me your questionnaire if you prefer not to be quoted and I will just use the stats.)

Your name ________________________________________

Your email ________________________________________

Thanks again!…...

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