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Outliers Essay Present day schooling has definitely taken a turn in the last decade. Teachers are better preparing students for their futures. Some schools more than others, but there are more classes that involve the interests of the students and subjects they want to achieve in their lives. Can the increased work load from teachers become too much for students? Or can schools be affect the economy of their area? It’s interesting to see the different attributes that go into the educational system, and what can change it. There are few activities that truly intrigue me in my life, but with those few, welcome more passion and determination than having multiple things to perfect upon. Whenever I find free time during the day (or even night) I read. They’re not works that’ll teach me new philosophical ways of thinking, but books of different worlds and fantasy, and books where supernatural creatures wander the earth, or the differing effects of a utopian society. All the reading inspires me to become a famous author of young adult novels. I want to be the new J.K Rowling, with people of all ages lining up in front of book stores to get my new releases. Authors (King) explain the frustrations of becoming a writer, and I know it will be, but isn’t that the risk everyone takes when beginning a job? Why is this any different from other experiences? I’m putting most of my faith hoping I’ll exceed. In order to perfect my writing skills, I focus on grammar and always aim to add more sophisticated vocabulary, and it really helps to write down topics, whether they’re controversial, or flat out impossible. I’m slowly ascending to my dream. To me, Cheyenne Mountain has prepared me for as much success as a school can. The class options provide varieties and choices. There are enough classes for everyone to be happy. There are numerous fine arts, science and elective classes…...

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