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Mollie Burns
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June 1, 2010
1974 The Sunday evening was warm, too humid to play outside. The children residing in the small town of Cottondale, Florida were all indoors as they enjoyed their refreshing, citrus popsicles and ice cream sundaes. The warm air twirled around in circles, as if a never ending heat wave. If households were lucky enough to have air-conditioning, they were envied by others. The Miller household was quiet and serene, as little three-year-old Jane enjoyed the colorful cartoons on her television set. She sat on the wooden floor, her worn doll by her side, as she peacefully licked the cherry flavor off of her ice-cold treat. Their dog, Sandy, whimpered here and there as spirals of warm mist echoed on the peach-colored walls. The air conditioner droned its aggravating noise, but no one in the house could complain. Jane Miller’s sun-kissed, golden locks were pulled into two lose braids, tied with ocean blue ribbons. Her apparel consisted of a creamy-white dress—one that was a gift from her father, Clayton Miller. The television screen played her comics, her crystal-blue orbs never leaving the screen. Until her mother began screaming. “I told you to run to the market to get me those items, and instead you go to the bar instead?!” she screeched, smacking the utility in her hand down on the kitchen countertop. “I’m doing this little get together for you, Clayton, and you can’t even do me a tiny favor?” “Come on, baby. You’re making this into a big deal.” Jane’s father groaned. “A big deal?!” her mother bellowed, her caramel-brown locks in a mess. “It is a big deal! Every time I have to do something for you, I have to do it instantly. I have to leave whatever the hell I'm doing, and I have to do everything you want me to do. But when I ask a simple favor, you can't even manage that. Who were you even with?"…...

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