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Simple Getaways, Inc.

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Simple Getaways, Inc. is a fictional, midsize enterprise with a focus on travel and tourism. The company recently went from a single office in California to 12 offices in various areas of the western United States; Simple Getaways now finds itself struggling with the effects of this growth. Simple Getaways, Inc. submitted a request for proposal to mitigate complications in information-sharing and communication. The company has been encountering the following challenges and anticipates finding solutions to; * Redundancy in documentation in the offices * Multiple documentation with some providing the incorrect information to the staff * In accessibility to files because servers are designed to serve at departmental levels * A considerable amount of documentation and paper work leading to delays in data processing
All the above challenges affect stakeholders in varied ways. This lack of centralized information is affecting the industry customers, managers, upper level management, shareholders, and everyone invested in Simple Getaways, Inc. For example, an employee’s leave of absence is delayed because of the extent of paper work or work is delayed due to several documents conveying different and conflicting information. This leads to confusion, making it difficult to pass any information to customers and key stakeholders (Khosrowpour- Pour, 2006).
Furthermore, a greater concern is the impact of this inaccurate and erroneous information that has been given to shareholders, affecting their confidence and continued investment in the operation. If the financial profitability of the industry declines, then so does the interest of shareholders, resulting in less financial backing. Likewise, the employees have not been able to deliver accurate correspondence for the stakeholders about transportation and tourism. This affects the customers considerably.…...

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