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ACC 646: Module 6 Case Study

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Short Case 10, page pg 228 :


The first steps I would use would be Document examination, audit, and electronic searches. These steps would allow me to take a look at the numbers behind the purchase to develop an expectation of what the issue could be. It is possible that one vendor really did provide a better or cheaper product and that is reasonable. If you found something adverse to that expectation the next steps would be interviewing the buyers. After finding out their thinking it could be possible you would need to seize their computers or the very least their electronic communications.

Short Case 11, page pg 228:


The first step would be to document and exam the process for which the cash collection happens. At that point you will need to interview the people involved. The only other step you could have taken is setting up surveillance cameras in the area where cash collection happens, but that won’t necessarily catch the fraudulent collection of cash.

Short Case 13, page pg 228:

Responses: 1. When looking at the employee’s computers you need to be aware that he could possibly have some private information on there. This could be looked at as an invasion of privacy and a breach of the 4th amendment. 2. You could search the computer manually through using the internet history and searching through his email. You best bet is to get a forensic software like forensic toolkit to take a thorough look into the possible fraud. 3. Yes, you should be able to if you find that he is the seller of the product. You would be able to talk to them about him as the seller of stolen merchandise. However, if you didn’t find out that he is the seller you may not be able to talk to them as it will just be a hunch.…...

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