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* Wow, I'm getting tired with this reworked crap, how the hell less flexible build path, less versatility (Top/Support before and now only Jungle is better while his old roles are much worse now) and literally a copy of Vi's passive with a bit diffirent numbers can be more interesting to play? Sure, his old kits was boring to play against, but current kit makes Shen just another situational jungler which players will get Cinderhulk and some defense items on and even in that case he's hugely limited due to energy, so he can't buy RoA, IBG, Frozen Heart. And most of ppl never got what Shen was doing best and why he was good top laner - minon managment. I could keep enemy's minion wave exactly where I wanted every single time while staying healthy and doing good trades (not every single time, but usually). Heck, I could even stack my own waves even against someone with good waveclear and then taunt'em into oblivion. I dunno, most of You will disagree but I personally take this as a nerf that doesn't affect competetive play since Shen is going to shine there even brighter due to him actually having some outplay potential, but for casuals like me his wonky Q & W mechanics and lowered flexibility is not interesting. Not to mention AP Shen is dead, even though he's a ninja and some people would want to play him as a assassin and he had potential to be build both as a full tank or AP and not being unbalanced in each role with just a few tweaks like higher CD on Q or making it a skillshot and buff it's ratio, adding some interaction between W and the rest of the skillset, lowering ratio on ult, maybe a low AP ratio on passive wouldn't hurt too. I'm dissapointed although his VU is incredibly well made excluding Blood Moon (skin's colors in-game) and icons which are too accurate and look like crap on a tiny HUD.
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The Shen rework wasn't just to make him more interesting to play it was alsot to add an element to his kit that actually opens him up to more vunerability in lane.
Sustain was the thing keeping Shen back. It was such an untradable element in his kit that his damage had to be nerfed and to be honest until the sustain champs got buffed Shen was just a double teleport and most people didn't find a use for a double teleport with low damage potential who is only toxic in lane to play against.
Shen's old passive was just bonus damage on hit, no more unqiue than a lot of other passives and activated spells.

Shen's new place really is as a support which he's never been that great at but now really good despite not having sustain. People have yet to figure out that Shen's all in is absolutely brutal and is borderline untradable and you might think "With time comes counter." but then I would respond with "Mordekaiser."

I have not seen anyone do Jungle Shen so that's interesting. It wasn't really all that good before.…...

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