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In the book Shattered, by Paul Langan, the main character, Darcy Wills, goes through many problems with her friends, family, as well school and her relationship with her boyfriend Hakeem. Just a few months ago Hakeem had moved away to Detroit because his father was battling cancer.This left Darcy really depressed. Also she had been struggling a lot in school to earn good grades for college, on top of that she had a part-time job to help her family. Soon Brian comes into Darcy’s life and helps her forget most of Darcy’s problems, however her grades soon begin to drop. She was spending more time with Brian and less time on studying. This stands in the way of achieving her goals to get into college. She needs to get into college so that she can get a good and help her parents out because they don’t really make enough income to support the family and pay for college fees. She takes a part time job to help out, and on top of that she has a lot of studying to do to earn good grades and receive a scholarship to attend college. Seeing Brian makes her feel like she’s cheating on Hakeem even though they aren’t together deep down she still loves him with all her heart. In the beginning of the book Darcy is usually shy yet friendly and honest. She’s always always there when someone needs her by their side, especially her best friends Tarah and Cooper, and her boyfriend Hakeem. Hakeem has always been there for her through everything, he’s always finding ways to make her smile. He makes Darcy feel like she has someone to depend on and won’t let her down. Tarah is Darcy’s best friend they grew up together and share every moment together. She’s always been there for Darcy when she’s going through tough times or when she needs a shoulder to cry on. Darcy can tell her anything and not be judged for it . No matter what Tarah will never leave her side.
However things start to…...

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