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Feb 21, 2014
Real isn’t always Reality
The Matrix, Source Code, and Inception, are three movies tied together to show many common threads, but the main one is called Conversion. As the director of the three movies, Christopher Nolen presents this phenomenon of Conversion as a point in life where a person accepts a higher call, a transformation, or a different purpose in life. In each of the movies, the Conversions are presented in different ways, but the results are the same. There was something prominent in all three movies. In order for a Conversion to happen there must be an advocate and a convert according to Lewis Rambo’s study, Understanding Religious Conversion (McGowan Para. 12). As the convert, one must be able to separate a dream from reality. The Matrix showed the main character Neo (the Convert), struggling to find something he did not understand. Morpheus (the Advocate) was there to teach Neo his calling according to the Oracle when it came to the Matrix. Morpheus would use Neo’s desire to find what Neo was looking for to further entice him to understand the Matrix. Neo had to understand that what he thought was real, was actually the Matrix. There will not be a one defining moment where Neo is converted. But, what one will see is a totality of the circumstances during the rescue of Morpheus that causes him to accept who or what he is the savior of Zion, The One.
The Source Code was a computer program that allowed for the reassignment of time by going back into the past for eight minutes to do some things that could affect the present. Captain Coulter Stevens /Teacher Sean Fentress (the Convert) was a half-dead corpse hooked up to the Source Code. Captain Colleen Goodwin (the Advocate) and Dr. Rutledge who came up with the program was instrumental in guiding and gathering information from Capt. Stevens when he came out of the Source Code. The moment of Stevens’ Conversion took place at the end of the movie when he asked Christina Warren, “What would you do if you knew that you had less than a minute to live?” He knew that at that moment Capt. Goodwin would pull the plug causing his death, but he also believed that because of what he had done in the Source Code he was going to live as the teacher, Sean Fentress.
In the movie Inception, the plot wasn’t about what Inception was designed to do (steal dreams), but Dominick wanted to implant a thought in a person mind and have the person to act upon the implantation when it was done. One member of the team has to be converted in order for the implementation to work. The Conversion of the architect, Ariadne (the Convert) was more visible than any other. Even though she was in the program with Dominick’s father-in-law she wasn’t fully convinced of the process until after the second sleep episode with Dominick (the Advocate) and Arthur. This fact was proven when she left the sleep lab and Dominick said “I haven’t seen anyone pick it up so fast, she won’t be satisfied with reality anymore. (Nolen, Inception) This point was further proven when she returned and constructed her totem.
In conclusion, when you look at the directions that filmmaker Christopher Nolen took with these films, you will notice that he used some form of reoccurring theme, props, alternate sleep state, betrayal, love interest and artificial environments throughout all three movies. But, all three movies leave one wondering when the picture has ended, if the main characters were facing reality or were they in some type of dream state. It makes one ask the question, is reality real or am I in dreamland?
Good essay. Some more discussion of how the main character was different after experiencing conversion would help your discussion, as would some more specific discussion of McGowan’s use of Rambo’s theory, rather than just a mention.

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