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El Centro
The appropriately named Centro (Center) has been the hub of Sevilla culture and activity for centuries! With stunning architecture, monumental buildings, great shopping and much more,
Santa Cruz
With winding streets, white-washed buildings and flower-filled patios, the city's former Jewish district is certainly the most picturesque section of Sevilla. Here you can find anything from hole-in-the-wall flamenco venues to major landmarks like the world's largest cathedral!
María Luisa
The main draw of this area is, not surprisingly, the lush Parque de María Luisa (María Luisa Park). However, in the immediate area find museums, theaters and historical buildings like the Real Fábrica de Tabacos (Royal Tobacco Factory)- the setting for the famous opera Cármen!
La Macarena
Yes, THE Macarena of cult song fame. With cobbled stones, ancient city walls, a gritty atmosphere and the Virgin of Semana Santa (Holy Week) fame, its atmosphere is unparallelled.
Sevilla's traditional gypsy neighborhood, Triana, is known for its lively atmosphere and the most genuine flamenco. In fact, some of the best places to see the beloved song and dance are found here, across the river and removed from the hustle of the touristic Centro.
Los Remedios, La Cartuja & Expo '92 Site
These neighborhoods on the western shores of the Guadalquivir River are undoubtedly the later additions to Sevilla. The Expo '92 Site today offers an amusement park, along with the Cartuja monastery where Christopher Columbus is known to have spent some quiet time. Meanwhile, the annual Feria de Abril calls Los Remedios home.
El Arenal
A 13th century tower and one of the most famous bullrings in the world take center stage in El Arenal. This area of town, once the main port area during Sevilla's golden commerce era, is a veritable hot bed of culture boasting theaters, historical buildings, flamenco venues and more! huevos a la flamenca (eggs with tomato sauce), gazpacho (cold, vegetable-based soup), rabo de toro (bull's tail), and pescaíto frito (fried fish).

Look for yemas (sweets made from egg yolk and sugar), mermeladas caseras (homemade marmelades), rosquillas rellenas de cidra (cider pastries), and rosquitos (various pastries) from any of the following convents in Sevilla:
-San Leandro
-Santa Paula
-Santa Clara
-San Clemente
-Santa Inés

Inside the historical and artistic heritage of the city, the most representative monuments are: The Giralda, The Cathedral, The Alcazar, El Archivo de Indias and The Golden Tower. Some of these monuments were declared World Heritage by UNESCO in 1987.

The most important museums are: The Fine Arts Museum (Bellas Artes), the museum of carriages, the naval museum, Andalusian Center of Contemporary Art, Pilate's House, Palace of the Lebrija Countess, Museum of Carriages and many others.

Museo del Baile Flamenco

Serranito which is a popular version of fast food.
• Gazpacho Andaluz (Andalusian Gazpacho): A cold soup made of bread, tomato, cucumber, garlic, olive oil, paprika and vinegar.
• Serranito: It’s a warm sandwich made up of bread, pork or chicken, ham and pepper. It’s prepared in Andalusia.
• Tortilla Española: It’s cooked in olive oil and features fried, thinly-sliced potatoes together with eggs; sometimes you can add vegetables.
• Cocido Andaluz: Its preparation is similar to that of the traditional “cocido”; it’s full of garbanzos and selected meats.
• Vino de Jerez: A traditional drink served during April festival.
• Torta de aceite: Its ingredients are wheat flour, almonds, sesame seeds and anise, the most important ingredient is the extra virgin olive oil; this dessert is the healthiest of the Mediterranean cuisine.
• Alfajor: It’s a group of cookies glued with sweet filling.
• Rabo de Toro: It’s a typical dish from Cordoba, but according to the Andalusian recipe.
• The Cathedral of Seville was once judged the third largest church in the world after Saint Peter's in Rome and Saint Paul's in London, it is now arguably the largest church in the world when compared using the measurement of volume. Seville's fifteenth century cathedral occupies the site of the former great mosque built in the late twelfth century. The central nave rises to an awesome 37 metres over a total area of 11,520 square metres. The Cathedral is the final resting place of the remains of Christopher Columbus.
• La Giralda is a large and beautiful minaret tower, originally intended for the chief mosque, but now is the magnificent bell tower of the Cathedral and a symbol of Seville. Climb the 34 ramps for a great view of the city. Adult admission to both attractions is €9 each.
• The Real Alcázar is a beautiful palace in Mudéjar (Moorish) style, built in the XIV Century by Pedro I the Cruel. With its myriad rooms, extravagant architecture, lavish gardens with many courtyards, ponds and secrets to be explored, it is a fascinating place to visit. Be sure to check out the room where Christopher Columbus's journey to the Americas were planned. You can see his coat of arms embroidered on the wall along with many other royals. In the heat of summer it offers a cool retreat from the suns glare and can quite easily keep you occupied for a few centuries, if not all of your life. Adult admission is €8,50 - students younger than 25 years pay €2.
• The Jewish Quarter (Barrio Santa Cruz) is located around the Cathedral. It is filled with small winding streets and is generally regarded as the most charming part of the city, but it is also fairly touristy.
• The Hospital de los Venerables, Plaza de los Venerables. A 17th century retirement home and hospital for aged and sickly retired priests, recently restored by the Fundación to preserve an example of Andalusian architecture at its very best. Includes a resplendent Baroque chapel which is highly recommended. Adult admission is €4.75 and includes an informative audio guide.
• Torre de Oro is a thirteenth century tower, the top of which is rumored to have once been covered in gold. It now houses the local maritime museum. Admission €1 for students.
• Parque María Luisa was built for the 1929 Iber-Americano World's Fair and now is landscaped with attractive monuments and museums.
• Plaza de España is the site of the Spanish pavilion from the 1929 exhibition. In more recent years it was used in the filming of the new Star Wars episodes. It is somewhat in need of repair. Visit it early in the morning on a weekday to see a long line of immigrants outside one of the government offices it now houses, or visit it right before it closes (officially at 10PM but likely half an hour later) to see it completely empty and rather eerie.
• The Palacio de la Condesa de Lebrija (The Lebrija Palace), (Calle Cuna), [6]. Mo-Fr 10:30-19:30 (Jul/Aug: 09:00-15:00), Sat 10:00-19:00 (Jul/Aug: 10:00-14:00Uhr), Sun 10:00-14:00 (Jul-Aug: closed). The palace is considered the “best paved house-palace in Europe” owing to its collection of roman mosaics, which paved practically the whole of the ground floor. There is also a collection of well parapets, vases, amphora, columns and sculptures of incalculable worth. On the upper floor you can visit the residences previously inhabited by the Countess and her decedents, up to only a few years ago; extremely well preserved, they are today filled with ornaments and furniture from all over the world, priceless artwork by Van Dyke, Bruegel, Alonso Cano, amongst others, as well as collections of porcelain and glass. edit
• Casa de Pilatos. A sixteenth century palace and generally thought to be one of the best in the city. Admission €8, free after 1PM on Tuesdays. edit
• Palacio de Arzobispal. Located in the historical section of the city and is home to various clergy and the Archbishop. On the outside you only can catch a glimpse of the patio but on the inside there are important works of art. edit
Museums and Galleries
• The Museo de Bellas Artes, Plaza del Museo, 9, +34 954 22 18 29, +34 954 22 07 90, [7]. Open Tu 3PM-8PM, W-Sa 9AM-8PM, Su 9AM-2PM, closed Mon, free entrance for EU citizens. Considered by some as the second most important fine arts museum in Spain after the Prado in Madrid. The museum building is a former mercy convent renewed in the 17th century and the fifteen exhibition rooms show a comprehensive picture of Sevillian art from the Gothic period to the early trends of the 20th century. The square just outside hosts an open-air art market on Sundays until around 1:30PM. Plenty of original paintings on local topics, although some not so interesting bits as well!
• Museo de Carruajes, Plaza de Cuba, +34 95 427 2604. Open M-F 10AM-2PM. A small museum with carriages of various kinds. Free admission for EU citizens, €3.60 for other nationals.
• Museo del Baile Flamenco, Cristina Hoyos' Flamenco Dance Museum offers an experience for all the senses with ambiental music, videos, touch-screens and artifacts to be found in this 18th Century building at the heart of the historical Barrio Santa Cruz. On Friday and Saturday evenings a spectacular show is hosted at a discounted price for visitors to the museum at 19:03. Flamenco art and photography exhibitions are also on display as well as offering dance, singing, precussion and guitar lessons. Open all day everyday from 09:00 - 19:00. [8] tel: 00.34.954.34.03.11, Address: Museo del Baile Flamenco, C/ Manuel Rojas Marcos 3, 41.004 Sevilla

open-air market. Vendors in many parts of the city sell on the streets, but on Sunday, when everything else is closed, a few spots really fill up. One market is located behind the Alcampo shopping center at Ronda del Tamarguillo on Avenida de la Paz (Bus lines 30, 36 from Prado de San Sebastian), but it is easily outdone by a large flea market, selling clothes, furniture, trash, books, shoes, CDs, food, tools, and probably everything else just northwest of Triana near Avenida Carlos III (off of the left-hand side of most tourist maps).
Climb to the top of the Cerro de Carambolo for a view of the whole city. The hill is outside of the town but can be reached on the M-170, M-171, and M-173 from the Plaza de Armas bus station.…...

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...Dollars at time O * (Index at time A/Index at time O) for each month as represented in year five of Table 1 (Sevilla & Somers, 2007, p. 136). Additional information is obtained from the histogram in Table 4.2 created by the frequency of indices as represented in Table 4.1. This graph shows the mean to be 226 and the standard deviation to be 94. The histogram also shows that the data is skewed rather than a normal distribution indicating months of lower inventory scattered throughout the year (Sevill & Somers, 2007, p. 293). Table 4. Frequency Range of Indices for Summer Historical Inventory Data. Table 4.2. Histogram of Indices for Summer Historical Inventory Data. In conclusion, stale inventory is reduced by analyzing historical inventory data and forecasting future need. The inventory data converted into an index shows the respective change in inventory from month to month and year to year. This index is then plotted and represented in the form of a histogram to show times of increased and decreased inventory volume. Finally, forecasting future cost of inventory allows the organization to predict times of excess inventory and more accurately order product reducing the amount of stale inventory.   References Sevilla, A. A. & Somers, K. 2007. Quantitative Reasoning. Tools For Taday’s Informed Citizen. Published by Key College Publishing,......

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