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Selection Structure Paper

Given the following task: Selection Structure Paper, Use the Part 1: Programming Solution Proposal you developed in Week Two and select one section of the proposal that requires a selection structure.
Write a 2- to 3-page paper describing the purpose of that structure and write the pseudocode for that structure. Examine any iteration control structure. If the program you described in Week Two does not lend itself well to the inclusion of a selection structure, create a new example of a selection structure.
Create a Visual Logic flowchart that parallels this pseudocode. Test the flowchart to make sure that it executes properly and produces correct results. Submit the paper and the Visual Logic file. Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines. The process of selection is a way for the computer to interact with the user and to be able to understand how to make choices based on the user’s point of view or interest. Selection can be understood by computers by transforming such selections into algebraic equations, and from there into binary code which is the language that the computer understands, once the program is written, it will use a compilator, which acts as the translator between computer language and human language. The process of selection allows the user to choose what to do and then it gives options where to choose from, and it gives results which vary depending on the option selected by the user, when using the process of selection the options are limited by the options presented to the user, unlike the human brain computers can only handle certain number of options and the results will always be limited. There are several types of selections but some of the most important are: single, dual and multiple; each selection works in a different way and its efficiency depends on how it is used. The single selection can only give one option to choose from and then provide one result for example if a person wants to eat ice-cream then the person will have to buy it 1. A single-alternative (or If-Then) structure contains only a single block of statements. If the test condition is met, the statements are executed. If the test condition is not met, the statements are skipped. 2. A dual-alternative (or If-Then-Else) structure contains two blocks of statements. If the test condition is met, the first block is executed and the program skips over the second block. If the test condition is not met, the first block of statements is skipped and the second block is executed. 3. A multiple-alternative structure contains more than two blocks of statements. The program is written so that when the test condition is met, the block of statements that goes with that condition is executed and all the other blocks are skipped.

Input : "Hi, what genre of book are you looking for?" &
" Press 1 for fiction Press 2 for action Press 3 for science Press 4 for novels Press 5 for cartoons Press 6 for help" sel= a If 6 = < a => 1 Sel=choose what genre of book do you want; else "Can you read the instructions and do the selection again?" End If
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This selection is quit simple nd can helo in thee longrun…...

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