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Securing Internet Client and Server Applications on Windows Systems

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Securing Internet Client and Server Applications on Windows Systems

Assessment Worksheet

Note: This tab is for reference only. Please see your instructor to determine the assessment they wish you to use.

Both IIS and Internet Explorer can be hardened to improve confidentiality, integrity, and availability (CIA). In this lab, you identified security hardening opportunities for the IIS application, then made those changes on a Windows Server 2012 machine. Next, you will identified and modified the Internet Options for the Internet Explorer browser. Finally, you documented the changes you made and provided an explanation for how each change helps achieve CIA.
Lab Assessment Questions & Answers

1. What are the steps you took to harden IIS?
Disabled services not used by functional roles and blocked ports that were not in use. These steps are necessary because servers proved one or more specific services on the network.
2. What are the steps you took to harden the Internet Explorer browser?
Opened only minimum required ports at the firewall; use encrypted connections for all communications; disabled any unneeded server features on the Web server. These are important because they heighten security.
3. As a result of this lab, which changes will you implement on your own Internet browser? Why?
Disable any features that are not being used. Also turn on pop-up blocker.
4. Why should you change the directory where the log is stored?
You should change the directory where the login is stored because it makes it more difficult for attackers to obtain the login information and gain access to the network.
5. Should the security updates for IIS, and the server it is hosted on, be installed as soon as they are available?
The updates should be evaluated first and then applied if needed.
6. List some best practices for hardening IIS.
Ensure antivirus/anti-malware software is installed and up-to-date; review all running services and programs and disable ones that are not needed; ensure Windows firewall settings only allow network traffic for the services and applications really needed; and create separate password-protected user accounts.
7. List some best practices for hardening Internet Explorer.
Do not click on popup boxes unless it is the little red X up in the corner to close them. Have Explorer Prompt user to run activeX. Disable any addons that will not be used. Continuously clear out unneeded extensions.…...

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