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Siloso Beach Resort is Singapore’s first eco certified hotel that aims to provide guests with a memorable hospitality serviced as well as prioritizing the preservation of the environment. This report will analyze the service delivery system (SDS) of Siloso Beach Report. In addition, a brief background of the resort will be provided and the identified key features of the SDS will be included. In particular, the scope of this report will discuss about the appropriateness of the current SDS that had been observed in terms of its strengths and weaknesses and also the specified areas for improvement.

Background of Siloso Beach Resort
Sitting at the heart of Singapore’s hippest beach, Siloso Beach Resort was built with the goal of preserving the environment right from the design to the construction stage. The resort is family-owned hotel with 200 rooms including 12 villas and more than 60 employees. The resort has been awarded the TUV Rheinland certification as an eco-hotel, the top achiever for Singapore Environmental Achievement Awards 2010 and it was also the first hotel to be certified under Singapore SEC eco-hotel scheme.

Upon arrival at the resort, it is obvious that preservation of the environment is its main objective. Over 200 of the original on-site trees were preserved, with more than 450 more planted additionally. The resort is only 28% covered terrain and 72% open air. This is to minimize the use of electricity. Furthermore, the resort has the only natural spring water landscape pool and the only roof top garden suites in Singapore.

Every room in Siloso Beach Resort is equipped with amenities to ensure that guests can stay in an enjoyable and comfortable space.

The following is a list of the amenities provided by the resort.
In-room Facilities include: * Air-conditioned rooms (temperature control available) * Cable television *…...

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