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Business Operations/Functions Report
A Note from Our Team:
This report serves as both an in-depth analysis as well as a summary of proposed improvements for the shipment process of both ACME and the United Boxing Company (UBC). The report is based upon first-hand observations made by our consultants who went through the process. All proposed courses of action serve only as recommendations to both companies and should not be taken as direct orders from our consulting firm. Additionally, all observations and judgements presented by our employees are subjective. That being said, they are presented with the best intent that they may serve to improve the future efficiency of ACME, the UBC, and the current partnership that they have. The report below will list a summary of observations followed by our recommendations.
Summary of Observations:
After going through your shipment process and then observing it from a distance, our firm noticed multiple practices that significantly decrease efficiency. Fortunately, we have outlined a course of action for solving these problems at the end of this report. Our primary concern is the number of customer complaints your business has received because this tells us that the kinks in your process have become so prevalent that they now affect your consumers as well. From the start of the process, there was no specialization in the bulk of the workforce. Each worker in the shipment process was responsible for quality control by testing the kazoos before moving on. This creates the first bottleneck of many in the system as everyone has to wait until they are handed a kazoo one at a time before then having to test it and be approved before being allowed to move on. I also noticed many employees did not even know how to use a kazoo which puts into question the training they are receiving, if any. Afterwards, workers pick up paper purchase…...

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