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Unit 2: Cell Biology


Photosynthesis and cellular respiration make one large cycle that sustains life on earth. Through photosynthesis the suns energy is constantly being transformed into glucose, which is a chemical energy. Respiration is the chemical activity that occurs in all plants and animal cells that release the energy from the glucose. Photosynthesis cannot exist with cellular respiration, they are completely linked together in providing the energy through the food we eat. Cloud, D (2012). Photosynthesis and cellular respiration have an inverse relationship, they are opposite of each other. Photosynthesis is the process by which carbon dioxide is converted into compounds from the sunlight. The most frequent compound being glucose (sugar). Photosynthesis occurs in plants, algae, and some bacteria. Editorial Board (2014). Cellular respiration, in contrast takes the glucose (sugar) and other compounds oxidizing them to created carbon dioxide. Each cycle depends on the other in order for the completion to take place. The complete cycle ensures that life continues to exist, both being necessary for living organisms. Cloud, D. (2012). Photosynthesis is a natural process that provides all aerobic creatures on eth with oxygen. Without photosynthesis, humans would not be able to exist. Photosynthesis maintains the natural amount of oxygen in the air. It provides oxygen for life and the process of cellular respirations. Photosynthesis releases oxygen as a byproduct. The oxygen results from the splitting of water during the light reactions of photosynthesis. The oxygen released in the air can be used by organisms that respire aerobically to release energy stored in molecules, these organisms release water and carbon dioxide as a byproduct. The carbon dioxide is necessary for the synthesis of carbohydrates in the organisms. Cellular…...

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