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Intrinsic and Extrinsic
Lilibeth Velez
December 05, 2013
Carey Driscoll Rogers

Intrinsic and Extrinsic
The similarities between intrinsic and extrinsic motivation are basically both types of motivations make a person act in certain ways, whether good or bad. For example, if a person wants to get good grades in school they will work hard at their homework and make sure to have all their assignments in on time. However, a person that may want attention from inattentive parents may choose to get in trouble in school to have that much needed attention. Both of these types of motivation would be categorized as extrinsic motivation.
When dealing with intrinsic motivation one is acting in a way that the reward they seek are coming from the inside. For example, when someone joins a marathon for to raise money for children, they are doing it because they will experience joyful feelings at the knowledge that their efforts will do well for someone else. The feelings are personal and the reward comes from within.
Other examples of extrinsic motivation are; playing pro football for money, working hard to get a promotion, acting for fame, and walking dogs for extra cash. Intrinsic motivation could fall in a list including; decorating a bedroom to feel comfortable, calling someone far to hear their voice and enjoy good memories, and wearing makeup to boost self-esteem.
Both types of motivation help people decide and calculate their actuions to get the erewards they seek whether personal or from outside sources.…...

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