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Howard Armstrong
166 Some Made Up Street - Birmingham - B1 1AA
T: 0870 061 0121 - E:

Michelle Phillips
Hiring Manager
Dayjob Ltd
120 Vyse Street
B18 6NF
19th March 2012
Dear Ms Phillips
With reference to your vacancy for a Customer Services Advisor, I am contacting you to apply for this position, as I firmly believe that my abilities and experience are what you are looking for.
I would describe myself as a positive and results-driven individual who has an impressive track record as a customer services advisor. My work at my present employer has not only equipped me with all the necessary skills required to form successful relationships with customers, but has also shown me how to make them feel valued. Right now as someone who is endowed with a strategic mindset, focus, personal drive and enthusiasm, I feel I would make a superb addition to your existing workforce.
In my opinion good customer service is the lifeblood of any business, and is vital in building a reputation, keeping your customers happy and getting them to come back. As a courteous, knowledgeable and supportive individual, I am able to respond to all customer’s queries or complaints in a timely manner. I would also like to say that I never make assumptions about what the customers wants, always listen to them and go that extra mile to understanding their problem or needs. Some of my strongest points are:

Being a patient and informative person.
Taking a keen personal interest and ownership of all cases and seeing them through from start to finish. Being in control at all times and remaining cool, calm & collected with irate or abusive customers.
Always smiling and maintaining good posture, even when communicating via the phone.

My aim right now is to arrange an interview with you at your convenience, where we will be able to…...

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