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First off, there are thousands of ways people can commit crime and some crime in my opinion stick out way more than others, especially one. The main reason I think crime is caused these days is that children have no role models, which are broken families. When families are broken apart most people can take it two different ways. The first way would be make the best of your life even though that some family members may not be around. The second way, which we mostly see these days, is that the parents are divorced and the kids have adult role models and end up getting in the wrong type of activities. When children only have one parent to depend on this turns into maybe advantage of them and not respecting the parents because they feel they will have no consequences because both parents are not around to punish them for bad behaviors. Some researchers from the University of Pennsylvania such as Cynthia Harper and Sara S. McLanahan have done some research on youth in broken homes and stated “Young men who grow up in homes without fathers are twice as likely to end up in jail as those who come from traditional two-parent families” (Harper 1). They are simply stating that young men need father role models because they are looking up to their father and watching what he does and how he shows affection and respect to the mother of their children. But we often find that over half the people that are in prison today come from broken families from single parent house…...

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“Arizona County Gives Wrong Election Date in Spanish Voter Cards” (and supposedly in only 50 of those cards), but of course some people is concerned it will cause voters to show up on the incorrect day, the county still alleging that this will only affect and involve a few dozen cards, but the people calling for the meeting aren’t convinced that this issue is not more widespread. This issue is likely to further complicate tense relations between local authorities and Latino residents References Article Ed Payne, M. M. (2012, October 18). Cable news network. [0]. Retrieved from Other Espino, R. (2012, October 10). The Impact of SB1070 on the 2012 Latino Vote in Arizona | Latino Decisions. Latino Decisions :: Home. Retrieved October 23, 2012, from

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...quality of life. Undocumented aliens were such a concern that the U.S. built walls hundreds of miles along the border to strategically prevent people from illegally crossing over, a costly way to deter people considering the border is over a thousand miles long. Since the walls construction immigration from Mexico has decrease significantly, although it is mostly due to the weak U.S. economy. Some other costs are social. Such as, the effect of illegal immigration on America’s social insurance institutions and schools. Many are taking advantages of these programs paid by U.S. taxes without paying taxes themselves, or not paying them properly. Some states have even passed laws in order to reduce the number of illegal immigrants. Arizona’s SB1070 law, also called “show me your papers law,” requires that law enforcement officers attempt to establish an individual’s citizenship status during lawful contact or stops. That there are millions of undocumented aliens in the U.S. points to the openness of U.S. borders as a potential security risk. Most illegal aliens are simply looking for a way to earn a living and do not pose a direct threat. On the other hand, the presence of millions of undocumented migrants bypasses the law, distracts resources, and effectively creates a cover for terrorist and criminals (Kane & Johnson, 2006). It makes skirting that law a norm, which eases entry into the country for drug cartels and terrorist. Besides the possibility of losing lives, the......

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Minority Incarceration to ensure a society in which all individuals have equal rights and there is no racial hatred or racial discrimination.” (NAACP End racial profiling act, 2011) I don’t think anything, in my life time, has upset the NAACP quite as much as the law SB1070 passed by Governor Brewer in Arizona. The law allows for extensive racial profiling. Here is the statement that the NAACP President and CEO Benjamin Todd Jealous made, “The NAACP is outraged that in 2010, a sitting Governor would sign a law that empowers local law enforcement to legally use racial profiling to target entire communities. It is a violation of the respect for human rights that is the moral standard of our nation and it threatens the safety of us all as both immigrants and citizens will be fearful of reporting crimes to police. The law unwisely redirects the role of the Federal Immigration and Naturalization Department to local police officers diverting local resources from fighting crime to investigating undocumented people who might be in this country. Governor Brewer’s signature on SB1070 is another attempt to roll the clock back on civil rights protections in this country.” (Dayton Unit NAACP, 2010) “The NAACP is deeply disappointed that Governor Brewer signed SB1070 into law. This new law effectively legalizes the incendiary practice of racial profiling and will adversely affect communities of color across Arizona. Moreover, it sets a dangerous precedent for other states to follow suit and pass similar......

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...Persuasive Speech SB1070 Unconstitutional Intro In recent years the Arizona’s border to Mexico has been breached by illegal immigration. How to stop illegal immigration has become a trending topic. Although many people in Arizona as well as across the country believe in SB1070, many activists have created valid arguments that this new bill is unconstitutional. The intention of Senate Bill 1070 is meant to discourage and deter any illegal entry into the country. (S. 1070). The intent of this bill seems to provide an answer to the question of how to secure the border. However, further examining the enforcement of this bill will show how this is a controversial and unconstitutional bill. Body SB1070 reads, “A LAW ENFORCEMENT OFFICER, WITHOUT A WARRANT, MAY ARREST A PERSON IF THE OFFICER HAS PROBABLE CAUSE TO BELIEVE THAT THE PERSON HAS COMMITTED ANY PUBLIC OFFENSE THAT MAKES THE PERSON REMOVABLE FROM THE UNITED STATES” (S. 1070). The key phrase is probable cause. In simpler English, enforcement of this bill allows an officer to profile someone by the color of their skin, accent, or any trait similar to that of an alien. Arizona Governor Jan Brewer calls the affirmation of this bill a victory for “law and order” (Costantini). She believes the bill helps identify and remove illegal immigrants. Petra Falcone, a fourth generation Mexican-American living in Arizona feels threatened by SB1070 stating, “Anybody of color would be subject to increased profiling under the law, and I......

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...families, and societies. Other drugs are lethal when overdosed, unlike marijuana. Developed nations have legalized it, and I don’t see any reason why not legalizing it here in the US. It is time to have the students and the American people question and write about more important issues other than legalizing marijuana. 8) Gun Control: When cancer cells start spreading there is no easy way to stop it. Gun is already spread out in the United States. I don’t believe there is a logical or possible way to control gun. Therefore, the argument of owning a gun is sound. Therefore, I think we are responsible to prevent criminal behavior. 9) Immigration: When speaking about immigration policy one must not forget to mention the enacted law in Arizona SB1070. This controversy law encourages discriminatory arrests based on probable cause. The Arizonans have been marching a mass protest against that law. It is important to remember the values that made America among the greatest nations. Equality, justice, liberty, and freedom all of which must be considered when tackling the immigration policy. 10) States fight each other to the benefit of foreign companies: We give foreign owned companies subsidies to insource their production in the United States. These foreign owned factories provide very few American jobs in relation to their output since nothing is produced in these factories – they are merely assembly facilities that put together imported foreign parts whose total cost winds......

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...Brown v. Board in 1954, moving to women's rights to privacy in the Roe v. Wade decision of 1973, and the upholding of gay rights with Lawrence v. Texas in 2004 and affirmative action with Grutter v. Bollinger in 2003. All of these show protection of civil rights to minority groups in society. In other positive changes, equal pay legislation was initiated by the Obama administration in 2009 with the Lily Ledbetter Fair Pay Act and in 2013 the Violence Against Women Act provides more support for vulnerable females. The repeal of Don't Ask Don't Tell by Obama and his ordering of Supreme Court challenges against the Defense of Marriage Act and the Arizona SB1070, all suggest civil rights have been achieved. However, civil rights are an ongoing battle and groups are always required to defend their rights from erosions. The Arizona SB1070 'Stop and Search' bill was upheld by the Supreme Court, allowing police to stop and search Latinos at will. This, added to the lack of recognition via an immigration reform bill for the 12 million undocumented Latinos currently living in America represents a genuine threat to civil rights. The lack of an Equal Rights Amendment for women, which failed ratification by the states in the 1970s is another area where civil rights have not been fully achieved. The state initiatives seen in Ohio, Texas, Florida and Pennsylvania among others to ensure photo ID to be able to vote, as well as banning early and group voting could be seen as the latest wave......

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...threats. Those on left say this will not halt illegal immigration (climb over, dig under or find new routes). A Congressional report in 2009 found that illegal immigrants were simply finding new routes. I) ‘Sanctuary’ status/cities. Some cities (e.g., Los Angeles in 1979) follow certain practices that protect illegal immigrants (e.g., not allowing police or city employees to enquire about a person’s immigration status). Many Republicans object to this because it protects law-breaking and stops Federal Government from ‘cracking down’ on illegal immigrants, e.g., Georgia passed a law in 2009 prohibiting ‘sanctuary’ cities in Georgia. A poll in 2011 found that 59% wanted to remove Federal Government funding to sanctuary states. j) Arizona SB1070 (passed in Arizona 2010). The strictest anti-illegal immigration law in recent US history. Has provoked massive controversy. Illegal for an alien in Arizona not to carry documents, police can and should stop suspected illegal immigrants, and cracks down on those sheltering/hiring aliens. Opponents say it encourages racial profiling. Supporters say it reduces crime and the law must be upheld. Obama said it was ‘misguided’, unfair and will ‘undermine trust between police and our communities’. Obama wants federal (i.e., national immigration reform), not state by state. Some Republicans, e.g., Jeb Bush, Governor of Florida, opposed the law, because Florida has a large Hispanic vote. In June 2012 in ‘Arizona v US’ the Supreme......

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...enforcement personnel: the state law enforcers can act as a first line of filtering for illegal immigrants as part of its normal course of duty. No additional funds or personnel are required. Those who will be asked for the valid documents would be the ones who would be called over by the local and/or state law enforcers in any case due to the individual’s suspicious behavior. Should this encounter produce an illegal immigrant, the state turns them over to ICE, the federal immigration enforcement branch. The federal enforcers can focus its efforts on dealing with the appropriate punishment rather than spreading itself thin over the vast land of U.S. looking for the illegal immigrants. Should each state adopt a similar bill as the Arizona SB1070 with equally complementary arrangement among the law enforcers, the federal branch is strengthened that much more, the U.S. borders become that much more of a barrier for illegal activity, and the biggest benefactors of all this would be those who are on the U.S. soil legally and rightfully. References Aizenman, N.C. (2009, April 15). Illegal Immigrants’ Legal Kids Snarl Policy. Washington Post. Center for Immigration Studies (2011). Costs of Immigration and Current Numbers. Retrieved on May 10, 2011 from CNN Politics (2010, April 23). What does Arizona’s immigration law do? CNN Politics. Huffington Post (2011, April 11). Arizona Immigration Law Ruling Refuses to Lift Ban on Enforcing Major......

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